Welcome to The Rescued Home

I would describe myself as a dreamer or visionary and a hippie at heart (I give praise to  my mom for that).  When I get what I feel like is a great idea I can not think about anything else, I just want to run with it!   I am learning that I have been entrusted with a unique story and talent that is meant to be shared.  So I am creating this blog to share these things with you.  I would call  this is my “coming out”!  I look forward to  journeying with you as we discover the greater purposes for our lives that were set before we took one breath.

What I am dreaming… Through this blog I hope to share with you the joy and struggle of rescuing and restoring a home with my best friend, my husband, Joel. I also hope to inspire you to get creative in turning your house into a home through showing you my own projects and tutorials and by connecting you with other great decorating resources.

Shall we begin?



10 thoughts on “Welcome to The Rescued Home

  1. lauren…. your blog looks amazing! i love the yellow ticking strip background! youre so talented and i love seeing all your great finds… ill have to admit im a little jealous. 🙂 so happy for you and your vision, you are inspiring!!!

  2. Yes Lauren…you ARE AN INSPIRATION. You and Joel are such the team…..making your dreams come true. Can’t wait to see your house!

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