Spring Topiary Tutorial

I often find myself saying “I can do that” when I see something I like.  I saw this cute little topiary while shopping at Wimberley Market Day and decided I wanted to make it!

You will need: 

A garland with small leaves 

A wire hanger

A pot (you can use any kind)

Florist foam


Florist wire (optional)

Scissors (I forgot to put them in the picture)

First, reshape the hanger into a circle then twist the ends together with pliers and stick into the florist foam. You want the form to be wider than the edges of your pot. Then put that into the pot.

Second, snip off pieces of the garland and begin wrapping it around the hanger. You may need to use your florist wire to secure the garland to the hanger.

Continue snipping and wrapping the pieces around the circle form. I wrapped and wove the pieces together so it would hold together.

I then filled the top with spanish moss I bought at the dollar store. 

This project cost me less than $10. The garland was  $5 from Hobby Lobby (I bought it when it was 1/2 off). The pot I had but I think it was $1 from Lowes (you can use any kind of pot you have). The florist foam and moss were $1 each from the Dollar Tree (don’t underestimate the power of your local dollar store!). The hanger was free and the optional florist wire was $2 from a craft store.


8 thoughts on “Spring Topiary Tutorial

  1. What a great idea. I actually think I could do this. Thanks for the pictures. I probably would have worked for hours trying to get my hanger perfectly round. Pictures say a thousand words!!

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