Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pictures of our house to get you up to date on the progress. We still have a long way to go. Hope you enjoy!  

You had me at hello.... This was the first picture we took of the house before it was ours. Joel heard it was going onto the market and drove me past it. My first words were "Joel, I want it!!!" And within 24 hrs of its posting we were the lead offer ahead of 3 others.

Under the direction of my father-in-law, a general contractor, we took on a 7 month project of repairing and leveling the foundation. I can remember after months of refusing to get under the house I told Joel “I’m ready to start working on the inside.” His response was ” I will know you are ready when you get under here with me!” So I found myself crawling around in dirt for the next few months! It was hard but rewarding work.
Right away we got to work on our bedroom. We needed at least one space that was pretty and livable. We will eventually redo it, picture shades of white and cream. Ohh so romantic!
The existing front door did not close or lock so we decided we were in need of a new one. Actually, an old new one. We bought a 1920’s wooden school door taken from a school in New Jersey. We found this little treasure at Pieces of the Past in Johnson City. (Pieces of the Past is a wonderful architectural salvage shop. If you are ever out that way stop in, the owner Kathy is really helpful).
After hours of scraping and sanding we painted the door “Fired Brick” red from Sherwin Williams. Then added hardware from Lowe’s and tada a new front door that we LOVE!!
March 2010 we started the renovations on our soon to be dining room. This was the room that captured my heart when we bought it. Just look at those windows!
We gutted the room, updated the lighting, built a table and I added a few decorative touches. Now, even more than before, it is my favorite room in the house.
Let me explain that decorating does not have to be expensive!! Our chandelier is from the Pottery Barn outlet. We bought it for 1/3 of the catalog price (if you live near an outlet I encourage you to take advantage of that resource). I love matchstick blinds because of their organic feel and they filter just enough light they were $10 a piece at Lowes (if you are needing privacy I would not use these). We made our table top out of white board (the cheapest wood at Lowes) and attached legs that we found on a table next to the road. The black chairs are from Ikea and I hope to replace them someday and the white school chairs I found at Goodwill for $7 a chair. Our rug is a Jute rug from Ikea.  I think my greatest find in the room is the weeds in the vase on our buffet. I found those on the side of the road when my mom and I were cutting weeds for Christmas wreaths a couple of years ago.
Our buffet was purchased at Wimberley Market Days(watch for a future post on Market Days, it is my favorite place to shop!). The white chair was pulled out from a friend’s basement. I loved the chipping paint.
In the summer of 2010 we began a complete renovation on our living room. I love this room because it is central in our house and has 11ft. high ceilings!! But if I could describe it at the time in one word I would say “dungeon”.

I loved these little built-ins and could not wait to put my personal touch on them.
Yay just looking at this picture makes me smile! We installed can lighting in the ceiling, sanded, retextured and painted the walls, put up crown molding and installed an awesome light we found at Restoration Hardware outlet for $50!
No more “dungeon” only bright and airy! The lighting made a huge difference and was not an expensive upgrade.
We are now Sherwin Williams customers for life! We have found the customer service is great and they do a much better job at mixing colors than Lowes. I kind of created the color for the living room. I mixed “Biltmore Buff” with our trim and ceiling color “Summer White” to get a creamy, golden yellow.
Fall 2010 we started on the 2nd largest project, renovating and restoring the outside. We took a risk by removing the old Aluminum siding to see what was underneath. We hoped and prayed for salvageable siding.
The siding was in pretty good shape so we scraped and sanded for hours and hours and hours. We then painted the house in Bird’s Eye Maple from Sherwin Williams. Well not the whole house:) Our goal was to have the front painted by Thanksgiving 2010 and we did!! We are slowly moving around side by side. We figured by doing it ourselves we saved over $10,000.




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