Saturday finds

 I woke up this morning eager to set out on my Saturday morning hunt. I did my research last night and found the places I wanted to go. My research paid off. The first posting I saw on Craigslist said antiques and collectibles so I decided to go there first and that choice was a good one. I arrived  at 8 right when it opened and there were already 5 cars there. I saw some old theater seats and vintage tvs then at the back of the sale I  saw these….

I have been eyeballing this type of crate for months but have not wanted to pay what antique dealers ask for them.  I got all 4 for $10!!! I am not sure what I am going to do with them but I am so thrilled they are mine!

At another sale I  found this matchstick holder.  I loved that it was red. I will probably put it in my kitchen or bathroom to hold bobby pins.

At the same sale I bought these architectural pieces. I plan to use them for legs in an upholsetered ottoman I want Joel to make for me:) 

After I had visited all the places I had planned I found 2 more sales. One, where I bought this North Face backpack for $10. It will be great for our trip overseas this summer.  

At the second sale I found this English-German dictionary for $1. It looked old so I bought it.

I did not look through it until I got home and what I found when I did was pretty cool.

This was written on the inside page.

The dictionary was published in 1883 so the book is over 100 years old.  I decided to google Gustav Doehring Flatonia Fayette County Texas 1887 and found the original owner of this book! Click on the link and read about it. This has to be the coolest find I have ever found!! A real treasure.


5 thoughts on “Saturday finds

  1. Lauren I am so proud of you!! I love your blog and I love you! Also, I am totally going to look for more info on Mr. Gus in Berlin when I get to Germany 🙂 How cool is that!

    • Thank you so much Ashley! I am so excited for you and this new adventure you are about to set out on!! It would be really cool if you did find more info on him. Love ya. Oh yeah and there were some amazing tvs at a garage sale yesterday that would have been perfect for your show. If only I had seen them last weekend:( By the way your show was awesome!

  2. I love all your finds! Especially the crates! What about the bed frame?? I forgot to ask you about that this morning haha. Did you get end up snagging it?!

  3. What a cool find!!!! I could just imagine him sitting by candlelight looking up the words he needed, probably overwhelmed in his new home getting used to all the strange sights, people and language. What emotions and excitement he must have had while holding that book!

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