A Little Bit of Boldness

Hello everyone I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I wasn’t going to post today but I just had to share this story.

A few days ago, I took a different route home from work. I am constantly on the search for treasures by the curb. Other drivers beware, my eyes are not always on the  road!!  I saw this chair, not by the curb but up by someone’s house.

Isn’t it so cool? I loved the lines, it looked so primitive.

Today, Joel and I were driving around and I told him about the chair and wanted to show it to him. We pulled up to the house and I said “do you think they would sell it to me?” He said “you can ask.”  So I went to the front door and knocked hoping someone wouldn’t come to the door with a gun!  A man opened the door with a very confused look on his face. I told him I had seen his chair and wanted to know if he would be willing to sell it. He asked what I wanted to pay, I told him and he agreed!! So we bought it but it wouldn’t fit in my car. We went home, got Joel’s car and went back to get our new chair. My plan is to  clean it up and paint it.  I will post pictures once it is finished.

The moral of the story is, just because it doesn’t have a price tag on it, doesn’t mean it isn’t for sale!!!


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