Road Kill!!!

If you have read my “about me” page you would have seen my mention about “Road Kill”. My parents coined that phrase when referring to furniture that is put out by the road. Well, this thing is turning into a family affair!

Yesterday, my brother texted me and said he saw some furniture by the road and I should check it out. I was already out running errands so I busted a U-turn and headed toward the furniture.   I slowly drove past the furniture and saw a dresser but there were people walking by and I was embarrassed so I drove on. Then I turned around and drove back by this time I stopped and got out. Then I realized I couldn’t load it by myself so I called my sister. She was willing to help:) She is awesome!!  We pulled over and loaded the dresser into the back of our SUV. As we did we noticed a few stares. I was really embarrassed!! But my sister said “don’t worry, we’re recycling!”  So now I have one more piece of furniture that needs some TLC.

Do you think I would qualify for the  show “Hoarders”?

I thought it was unique because of the smaller drawers attached on the side. I am going to use this piece to experiment with some new painting techniques I found on Miss Mustard Seed’s site.  Looks like a summer of projects is in the forecast. I just can’t wait!!!


4 thoughts on “Road Kill!!!

    • I know I couldn’t believe it was just sitting there! It needs quite a bit of work though. Hey, how did you find my blog? I haven’t been writing it very long and am new to the whole blog world which I am finding is quite fabulous!

  1. The house is looking great! And helping loading that piece was a nice little afternoon adventure 🙂 Its like your being blessed by doing what you love, even if its simply fixing up furniture! So awesome!
    love ya

    • Hey sis you are definitely welcome to come along in any afternoon adventure:) Thank you so much for your encouragement I look forward to working on these pieces with you!! You are such a wonderful artist. Love ya!

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