A Lamp For a Good Cause

Tonight we will be attending a fundraiser dinner for I Choose You.  I Choose You is a non-profit that was started to meet the needs of the impoverished people of  the  Karamojong tribe, in Namatala, Uganda.  One way I Choose You tries to meet the needs of these people is by sending their children to school and providing for their basic needs, through child sponsorship. If you are interested in learning more about I Choose You and the Karamojong tribe click on the link.  I also ask that you pray for the Karamojong people and I Choose You.

At the fundraiser there will be an auction. So I contacted my good friend Becky Ball, Becky is the founder of I Choose You, and asked her if I could donate something to the auction.

I have been working on this lamp shade and thought it could be bid worthy.  What do you think?

If you are interested in bidding on this lamp you can attend the fundraiser tonight. Here is a link to the information about tonight, I Choose You Blog. 


8 thoughts on “A Lamp For a Good Cause

  1. Hey Lauren! This lamp is super cute, I can not wait to attempt to make one! Danielle wants one for her room!

  2. the lamp shade turned out amazing. it really has a style. i am sure whoever ended up with it will be glad they bid on this item. i am so proud of you. julia and i are watching dear genevive. julia said she could totaly see you doing that. we agreed that your show should be called “dear sissy” hehe! love you

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  4. Hey Lauren….your lamp is/was beautiful!!!! It was a huge hit…thank you for donating it to the IChooseYou Silent Auction!!!!

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