The Back Is Painted, World Here We Come!!

We did it!!! We were able to paint two coats onto the backside of the house before we left for our trip! What a relief it is to have that done. Now, when we get back we need to paint the trim and windows and we will have knocked out 3 sides. Oh I can’t wait to be done with this project, it has been a long one!  Let me remind you of what it first looked like.


We had to replace most of the siding and the back door.

Here is what it now looks like:)

Our plans are to build a 10′ x 10′ craftsman style covered deck with a crushed granite patio and landscaping. 

Here are some landscaping ideas that inspire us.

On top of decorating the indoors I love working outside in the yard.  I wouldn’t say I am really good at knowing what to plant and how to arrange a flower bed but it was one of my favorite things to do with my mom as a little girl.  There is something so empowering about digging into the ground and getting something to grow.  I love dirt underneath my nails!

Well, that’s all I have for now, I need to go finish packing we are leaving tomorrow morning.  Take care!


Office Inspiration

We leave for our trip on Tuesday!! I should be checking things off my growing to-do list but all I really want to do is sit and look at design blogs! I haven’t had time to sit and write because I have been so busy in our preparations so I am going to take the next hour or so and just veg infront of the computer while the hubs snoozes!

 I finished my school year today!!  I am excited for this summer and new season!  We are working our butts off trying to get the first coat of paint on the back of the house before we leave but all I can do is think about re-doing our office.  It is in our plans to tackle the office this summer.   I escaped into Google land and found these pics that I think capture the look we want in our office. 

Currently it looks like this.  Cozy but not quite the vision we have for this amazing room. I read on this couch every morning and have fallen in love with this space.

We plan to close in this door way with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a closet because there is never enough storage in old houses!

The vision for this space is “world traveler”

Where old world rustic

meets craftsman.

Where classic sophistication meets aged-to-perfection, like this picture.

We want our book shelves to look like this

and our ceilings like this

I want it  funrished with grainsack chairs like this

and Joel wants it furnished with worn leather like this

 I have really been digging blue striped ticking and since I don’t have blue in my house I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore some blue. So I will make curtains out of tea-dyed, blue-striped ticking.

And add some primitive touches through fabric like gauze

and burlap

Just looking at all this gets me so excited!! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hopefully you were able to catch the vision through these pictures.

I am working on a few posts that I can publish while I am gone because I will not be close to a computer for a few weeks. I am crossing my fingers I can get that done but if not you will hear from me after June 21.  Take care!

Another Work Day

We worked like dogs today!!! Covered in nasty sweat!  It was wonderful because it was overcast but the humidity felt like 500% but no rain! Here is a picture of what we did.

Here is a before pic.

 It is difficult to see but we put up all the unpainted stuff around the windows. We still need to replace quite a bit of siding where there was once a very large window, sand, finish the trim work, caulk (so far we have used over 60 tubes of caulk on the other two completed sides) and then paint. The back of the house has come a long way. The trim we added today was once  removed when the previous owners added aluminum siding in the 50’s. We were hoping to at least have the first coat of paint on by the time we leave the country for 3 weeks in 11 days but I am not sure we are going to get there.  Oh well, we will just do it when we get back. 

Hey did I mention we are going to be out of the country for 3 WEEKS!!! Ahh I can’t wait!!! I haven’t been in an airplane since last May, on our trip to Mexico, I am so ready!  

I am excited because I only have 4 more days of teaching then I get a long break (inhale…..exhale… ahh… that has a wonderful ring to it).  Then onto a summer of decorating and projects!!

 I am a little frustrated because I have a garage full of furniture I would like to work on, not to mention a guest room with half way completed projects, oh yeah and 150 pieces of doll clothes that need to be posted onto ebay but all that is going to have to be put on hold for a few weeks until we get back from our trip. 

Even though we were busy on the casa today I had a few hours to get started on this desk I am going to refinish for the office.

 I am going to stain the top a dark walnut and paint the bottom in Garden Sage from Sherwin Williams.  I love the color Garden Sage, it is the color of our dining room.  Then I will replace the knobs with some cool ones I will find somewhere.

 I think that  is all I want to say tonight. Now its time to go get ready to go out.  Yes, its 9:15pm on Friday night and I’m getting ready to go out!! I haven’t done this since college but we are going to meet up with our friends Josh and Calli at San Marcos’ newest cool spot, Zelicks.  Until next time, keep it classy!   

Our Living Room

Our living room is definitely one that gets lived in!  It is in the very center of the house and the largest room in the house.  During the school year we have 25-30 college students in our living room every Monday night. Sometimes Joel and I drag our mattress onto the living room floor to watch movies. 

I love our living room because the ceilings are 11ft tall!! I love the color we painted it (a mix of Sherwin Williams Biltmore Buff  and Summer White. Accented by Summer White on the trim) and how at night it glows like candle light when the lamps are turned on. At night, I love dimming the lights and then going outside and standing by the curb to see what other people see when they drive by.  When we first bought the house I envisioned it looking much different,  and I feel over the past year it has been an ever evolving art piece that is not finished.   So instead of waiting until it is finished to show pictures I thought I would share now and let you in on the adventure!

So far we have not spent more than $100 on any single item in the room  including our leather couch we found on Craigslist for $75! 

So there it is!! I hope you enjoyed it.  A few things at the top of my list for this room are 1. slip-cover the couch 2. upholster the chair that has the white sheet draped over it 3. get/make an upholstered ottoman for our coffee table.

A Rescue Mission

A few events  occurred this weekend which has prompted me to revisit what I posted in “Why Are You Doing This?”  As I have said my life is a process of God rescuing and restoring me and I think what I am about to write is just a little bit of that process.
Yesterday, we hosted a fundraiser yard sale for our trip overseas in 16 days.  It was a success and the coolest yard sale experience I have ever had. Joel and I got to spend the morning with Savannah and David, two people who are on our team and I really enjoyed that!  I also had another cool experience. I struck up a conversation with  an 85 year old woman named Edith  who was as sharp as a tack. After speaking to her for about 30 minutes I collected that she was no longer involved in a church community because of the pain of great loss in her life. I felt the Lord pressing me to pray for her. So at the end of our conversation, right in the middle of the sale, I asked if I could pray for her. She reached out and pulled me to her and said yes! We held each other right there with people all around and prayed. It was a Holy moment!!!  After processing that event I thought about my previous post about not understanding how our house fit into God’s kingdom and I thought “this is why we have been entrusted with this little plot of land in little San Marcos, Texas.” 

Then today during worship I heard a message about how Jesus was sent to Earth on a rescue mission to free us from death and to give us a new heart. The speaker said there are so many of us who have been given a new identity and often do not live out of that. We are constantly checking our heart trying to keep it from getting out of line when in reality God says “because of the cross you have been given a new heart, now live out of it. The old is gone!! You don’t need to view your heart through the lens of the old one. I don’t!!!”  This again took me back to my post about how I am constantly checking my motives afraid my heart will not please God. And I think I wrote that post out of a place of not living out of the new heart I have been given.  I then thought about how the speaker called Jesus’ mission a rescue mission and I thought of my house and blog. God IS  revealing my true identity and heart  through the rescue and restoration of this old house. Wow, isn’t God creative!!! He knows me, he created me, and my heart is good!!!!

Now, I Don’t Know Anything About Vintage Doll Clothes!

We had a very successful fundraiser garage sale this morning! But, as a result my living room looked like this…

Now on to the exciting stuff. Yesterday, while we were getting ready for the sale my neighbor, Amanda, who shares the same passion for garage sales as I do, called and told me an estate sale around the corner was letting people in a day early. So, Joel and I loaded up and headed over. I found some cool stuff such as this

and this surveyors stand

and this very old mirror

and this copper horn.

Then, I saw this trunk tucked back in a corner and liked its size so I pulled it out.

 I opened it and saw it had drawers, I pulled out one drawer and saw what looked like doll clothes (the owner had been a doll collector). I told Joel I feel like we should buy it.   I have learned from reading about flea market shopping and watching American Pickers if you have a gut feeling like you have an item that could be of value,  it might be worth taking the risk and buying it.

So I bought it for $8. When I got home I pulled out all the clothes and counted over 150 pieces of vintage doll clothes!!! I was a little overwhelmed.

Now, I don’t know anything about vintage doll clothes so I did a little research on ebay and found some pieces going for over $50!!!  I couldn’t believe it, I think once I sell a few pieces online the trunk will have paid for itself:) I did find some interesting pieces like this one called the “Israeli”.

and these precious roller skates

I think I am getting to a place where I need to start selling the wonderful treasures I am finding:)

Wimberley Market Days

Hi out there! How are you? I hope you are having a great week!

The first weekend of every month is an exciting time for me. The treasure hunter inside of me starts dreaming of the wonderful things I could find at Wimberley Market Days!  I love Wimberley Market Days because it is soo Wimberley (people who know Wimberley will understand what I mean).  Market Days has a little bit of everything and I always find something good for a good price.

This past Saturday, my mom and I set out on a Mother’s Day adventure to Market Days, and here are some snap shots of the day.

This is one of my favorite stops, it is called In The Garden With Dina. Doesn’t it just make you want to go inside?

Dina is a true artist!  This is where I got my idea for my spring topiary tutorial. She sells live ones and they are beautiful. 

 Here I go!!

Such cool stuff!!!

Here is another booth that I love, it is called Berry Unique Antiques, booth #22 & #23. Ron and Rulene, the owners, are awesome to chat with. And they are from West Texas, where my sister-in-law, Misty, is from so I’m kind of partial!  I love their booth because they sell a lot of primitive farm stuff from the mid-west. 

I call this next booth the Fru-Fru booth but the official name is Partners in Time, booth #19.  I call this one the Fru-Fru booth because they make the most amazing flowers and accesories out of vintage lace and material which they call “Fru-Frus”. This is where I found my inspiration for the  lamp shade I made.

 If Santa is reading my blog then here are a couple pictures of what is on my wish list this year…

An antique metal fan.

and an antique scale.

Thank you to those who are following my blog. It is always so exciting to hear from the people who are  reading it!

Why Are You Doing This?

The other day, a girl who walks her dog, that we have befriended while working on the outside of our house asked my husband, “why are you doing this?” He responded that we want to see the house restored. I have to agree this is one of the reasons we labor so intensely on this wooden box, but this is also a question I come back to, why am I doing this?  Restoring an old home is one of my dreams. Yet,  I know my call in life is to bring God’s Kingdom here on Earth. This is my purpose, this is my motive, this is what I live for. I am constantly checking my motives. Why am I doing this? Is it for man’s approval? Am I hiding behind it all? Is my security in my possessions? At times, I can honestly say, yes, I am guilty of these things. Then, I see God use our house in such amazing ways and know all this is not out of striving but, I AM in God’s perfect will.  One thing I always come back to is,  I can’t quite figure out how home restoration and decorating, one of my greatest passions right now, fits into God’s Kingdom.  At times I feel it is so vain.  So many times I look around and think all this stuff doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all going to burn. And I ask myself, “what difference am I making today with my life, besides making it pretty by decorating it?”  I have this deep desire to leave all this behind and live on the front lines of life caring for orphans in Africa or sharing the gospel in the most dangerous parts of the world.   Then, I think about the life of a missionary and not having a decorated house and I just can’t do it!! I know it sounds so petty but these are the things I think about! My poor husband listens to these ramblings and tries to make sense of my head. Oh God, bless him!   I don’t know why I am putting this out there for you all to read. I guess I just want to be known. Don’t we all? Don’t we all want someone to know why we’re doing this, whatever your “this” is.

A Little Nostalgia and House Updates

I had a pretty busy weekend!  Friday, we spent the whole day replacing the bottom half of the siding on the back of our house.  Saturday, I stopped by my neighbor’s garage sale and picked up some great clothes

and this….This is the same Barbie kitchen that is in the picture of me on my “about me” page. When I saw it I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t thought about this toy in years, then I blogged about it and then I found my wonderful neighbor, Amanda, giving it to me! I will put it in the attic and bring it back out one day for my little girl to play with.

Then, the rest of Saturday was spent finishing up my lamp shade. By the way it sold at the auction!! I will post a tutorial on how to make the lamp shade, stay tuned.  Sunday, was worship, a meeting for our trip this summer, picking up some more road kill (2 chairs that I will practice my upholstery skills on) and then a wonderful dinner with our friends, Josh and Calli.

I had a few friends asking for updates on the house so I thought I would post the latest pictures of our progress.I refused to get 30 feet into the air so instead I stayed on the ground and used my mad carpentry skills:)
The only thing this side needs is painted windows and landscaping!

We spent 8 hours taking out the old door and replacing it with a new-to-us, old door that we found on Craigslist for $40.

My good friend Taytem showed up with her hammer to help.  Thank you, Taytem!

Now, we need to replace a few more boards and add a fresh coat of paint and we will have knocked out 3 of the 4 sides!!!