Why Are You Doing This?

The other day, a girl who walks her dog, that we have befriended while working on the outside of our house asked my husband, “why are you doing this?” He responded that we want to see the house restored. I have to agree this is one of the reasons we labor so intensely on this wooden box, but this is also a question I come back to, why am I doing this?  Restoring an old home is one of my dreams. Yet,  I know my call in life is to bring God’s Kingdom here on Earth. This is my purpose, this is my motive, this is what I live for. I am constantly checking my motives. Why am I doing this? Is it for man’s approval? Am I hiding behind it all? Is my security in my possessions? At times, I can honestly say, yes, I am guilty of these things. Then, I see God use our house in such amazing ways and know all this is not out of striving but, I AM in God’s perfect will.  One thing I always come back to is,  I can’t quite figure out how home restoration and decorating, one of my greatest passions right now, fits into God’s Kingdom.  At times I feel it is so vain.  So many times I look around and think all this stuff doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all going to burn. And I ask myself, “what difference am I making today with my life, besides making it pretty by decorating it?”  I have this deep desire to leave all this behind and live on the front lines of life caring for orphans in Africa or sharing the gospel in the most dangerous parts of the world.   Then, I think about the life of a missionary and not having a decorated house and I just can’t do it!! I know it sounds so petty but these are the things I think about! My poor husband listens to these ramblings and tries to make sense of my head. Oh God, bless him!   I don’t know why I am putting this out there for you all to read. I guess I just want to be known. Don’t we all? Don’t we all want someone to know why we’re doing this, whatever your “this” is.


8 thoughts on “Why Are You Doing This?

  1. Be encouraged…don’t you know that as women one of our callings is to be a “beauty bearer”. It was men who forged into the West, but it was women who tamed it, bringing libraries, fine homes, socials, etc. Just one random example I can think of right now. There are a lot of things we do as women, especially when we get into child rearing, that seem mundane and not “great” in the Kingdom, but God gifted us in certain ways and we can do it ALL for the Glory of the one who gave us the gift. Your restored house will be a blessing to your neighborhood, just as you and Joel are a blessing to your neighbors. Be encouraged! – Julie

    • Thank you so much Julie! I cried as a read your response, thank you for speaking truth, I am encouraged and blessed by it! I love the way God has gifted us women. By the way, I miss hanging out with you guys. I know we said years ago we should go listen to live music together and have yet to do that, lets try to do that this summer!? Thank you again, I love you.

  2. When reading this blog post I immediately thought of how we, as believers. are new creations in Christ. When your home is complete why not host a bible study in your home and invite the neighbors. The truth of all things becoming new will have a very concrete, close to home, new meaning for them as they learn about His redeeming love.

    Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

    • Thank you Susan for your comment. Actually, we do host a bible study for college students once a week. When I read your comment I felt affirmation for what we are doing. It has been cool to share this journey with the students. One of our prayers is that the doors would open to do that with our neighbors:) We will see what God does. Thank you for the encouragement! Take care.

  3. I quite liked this. I ask myself these kind of Questions the same day. And my reasoning isn’t that different to yours. I have accepted that I am in God’s will. If God wants something done, he will do it. My job isn’t to contemplate on it too much, all I must do is remember God in my Heart every breath I take. You can accept the House and the opportunity to restore it as a gift from God, and you’re wise enough not to get attached to it. If we do faulter, we talk it out with God through Prayer.

    Bless you for sharing x

  4. Hey Lauren,
    I find myself asking the same question and then I come back to the reality of knowing that this isn’t our home but a tool that God has blessed us with that we use in our ministry of hospitality.
    I look at the the pictures of your table and I think about how many God centered conversations will happen there over a meal or cup of tea and how many things will happen in His glory as you continue to do His work. God bless you both x

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