Wimberley Market Days

Hi out there! How are you? I hope you are having a great week!

The first weekend of every month is an exciting time for me. The treasure hunter inside of me starts dreaming of the wonderful things I could find at Wimberley Market Days!  I love Wimberley Market Days because it is soo Wimberley (people who know Wimberley will understand what I mean).  Market Days has a little bit of everything and I always find something good for a good price.

This past Saturday, my mom and I set out on a Mother’s Day adventure to Market Days, and here are some snap shots of the day.

This is one of my favorite stops, it is called In The Garden With Dina. Doesn’t it just make you want to go inside?

Dina is a true artist!  This is where I got my idea for my spring topiary tutorial. She sells live ones and they are beautiful. 

 Here I go!!

Such cool stuff!!!

Here is another booth that I love, it is called Berry Unique Antiques, booth #22 & #23. Ron and Rulene, the owners, are awesome to chat with. And they are from West Texas, where my sister-in-law, Misty, is from so I’m kind of partial!  I love their booth because they sell a lot of primitive farm stuff from the mid-west. 

I call this next booth the Fru-Fru booth but the official name is Partners in Time, booth #19.  I call this one the Fru-Fru booth because they make the most amazing flowers and accesories out of vintage lace and material which they call “Fru-Frus”. This is where I found my inspiration for the  lamp shade I made.

 If Santa is reading my blog then here are a couple pictures of what is on my wish list this year…

An antique metal fan.

and an antique scale.

Thank you to those who are following my blog. It is always so exciting to hear from the people who are  reading it!


One thought on “Wimberley Market Days

  1. You should check out Young House Love (www.younghouselove.com) if you haven’t already. Sounds like you share a lot of interests and they have a ton of awesome projects going on all the time. I definitely use their site for inspiration.

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