A Rescue Mission

A few events  occurred this weekend which has prompted me to revisit what I posted in “Why Are You Doing This?”  As I have said my life is a process of God rescuing and restoring me and I think what I am about to write is just a little bit of that process.
Yesterday, we hosted a fundraiser yard sale for our trip overseas in 16 days.  It was a success and the coolest yard sale experience I have ever had. Joel and I got to spend the morning with Savannah and David, two people who are on our team and I really enjoyed that!  I also had another cool experience. I struck up a conversation with  an 85 year old woman named Edith  who was as sharp as a tack. After speaking to her for about 30 minutes I collected that she was no longer involved in a church community because of the pain of great loss in her life. I felt the Lord pressing me to pray for her. So at the end of our conversation, right in the middle of the sale, I asked if I could pray for her. She reached out and pulled me to her and said yes! We held each other right there with people all around and prayed. It was a Holy moment!!!  After processing that event I thought about my previous post about not understanding how our house fit into God’s kingdom and I thought “this is why we have been entrusted with this little plot of land in little San Marcos, Texas.” 

Then today during worship I heard a message about how Jesus was sent to Earth on a rescue mission to free us from death and to give us a new heart. The speaker said there are so many of us who have been given a new identity and often do not live out of that. We are constantly checking our heart trying to keep it from getting out of line when in reality God says “because of the cross you have been given a new heart, now live out of it. The old is gone!! You don’t need to view your heart through the lens of the old one. I don’t!!!”  This again took me back to my post about how I am constantly checking my motives afraid my heart will not please God. And I think I wrote that post out of a place of not living out of the new heart I have been given.  I then thought about how the speaker called Jesus’ mission a rescue mission and I thought of my house and blog. God IS  revealing my true identity and heart  through the rescue and restoration of this old house. Wow, isn’t God creative!!! He knows me, he created me, and my heart is good!!!!


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