Now, I Don’t Know Anything About Vintage Doll Clothes!

We had a very successful fundraiser garage sale this morning! But, as a result my living room looked like this…

Now on to the exciting stuff. Yesterday, while we were getting ready for the sale my neighbor, Amanda, who shares the same passion for garage sales as I do, called and told me an estate sale around the corner was letting people in a day early. So, Joel and I loaded up and headed over. I found some cool stuff such as this

and this surveyors stand

and this very old mirror

and this copper horn.

Then, I saw this trunk tucked back in a corner and liked its size so I pulled it out.

 I opened it and saw it had drawers, I pulled out one drawer and saw what looked like doll clothes (the owner had been a doll collector). I told Joel I feel like we should buy it.   I have learned from reading about flea market shopping and watching American Pickers if you have a gut feeling like you have an item that could be of value,  it might be worth taking the risk and buying it.

So I bought it for $8. When I got home I pulled out all the clothes and counted over 150 pieces of vintage doll clothes!!! I was a little overwhelmed.

Now, I don’t know anything about vintage doll clothes so I did a little research on ebay and found some pieces going for over $50!!!  I couldn’t believe it, I think once I sell a few pieces online the trunk will have paid for itself:) I did find some interesting pieces like this one called the “Israeli”.

and these precious roller skates

I think I am getting to a place where I need to start selling the wonderful treasures I am finding:)


5 thoughts on “Now, I Don’t Know Anything About Vintage Doll Clothes!

  1. Keep us posted on how much you make selling those doll clothes. I bet you pay for that trunk…and a mission trip! What a great find – oh, and I love the A.Pickers too…trying to convince my parents to let them come to their house 🙂

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