Our Living Room

Our living room is definitely one that gets lived in!  It is in the very center of the house and the largest room in the house.  During the school year we have 25-30 college students in our living room every Monday night. Sometimes Joel and I drag our mattress onto the living room floor to watch movies. 

I love our living room because the ceilings are 11ft tall!! I love the color we painted it (a mix of Sherwin Williams Biltmore Buff  and Summer White. Accented by Summer White on the trim) and how at night it glows like candle light when the lamps are turned on. At night, I love dimming the lights and then going outside and standing by the curb to see what other people see when they drive by.  When we first bought the house I envisioned it looking much different,  and I feel over the past year it has been an ever evolving art piece that is not finished.   So instead of waiting until it is finished to show pictures I thought I would share now and let you in on the adventure!

So far we have not spent more than $100 on any single item in the room  including our leather couch we found on Craigslist for $75! 

So there it is!! I hope you enjoyed it.  A few things at the top of my list for this room are 1. slip-cover the couch 2. upholster the chair that has the white sheet draped over it 3. get/make an upholstered ottoman for our coffee table.


2 thoughts on “Our Living Room

  1. I love what you have done to the living room!! It looks fresh, so organized, and detailed with such precision. You are truly blessed with such great talent! God Bless.

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