Office Inspiration

We leave for our trip on Tuesday!! I should be checking things off my growing to-do list but all I really want to do is sit and look at design blogs! I haven’t had time to sit and write because I have been so busy in our preparations so I am going to take the next hour or so and just veg infront of the computer while the hubs snoozes!

 I finished my school year today!!  I am excited for this summer and new season!  We are working our butts off trying to get the first coat of paint on the back of the house before we leave but all I can do is think about re-doing our office.  It is in our plans to tackle the office this summer.   I escaped into Google land and found these pics that I think capture the look we want in our office. 

Currently it looks like this.  Cozy but not quite the vision we have for this amazing room. I read on this couch every morning and have fallen in love with this space.

We plan to close in this door way with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a closet because there is never enough storage in old houses!

The vision for this space is “world traveler”

Where old world rustic

meets craftsman.

Where classic sophistication meets aged-to-perfection, like this picture.

We want our book shelves to look like this

and our ceilings like this

I want it  funrished with grainsack chairs like this

and Joel wants it furnished with worn leather like this

 I have really been digging blue striped ticking and since I don’t have blue in my house I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore some blue. So I will make curtains out of tea-dyed, blue-striped ticking.

And add some primitive touches through fabric like gauze

and burlap

Just looking at all this gets me so excited!! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hopefully you were able to catch the vision through these pictures.

I am working on a few posts that I can publish while I am gone because I will not be close to a computer for a few weeks. I am crossing my fingers I can get that done but if not you will hear from me after June 21.  Take care!


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