Ribbon Lampshade Tutorial

I just love this little lampshade. I first saw it done by my friend, Hannah, whose creativity is so inspiring. I also drew inspiration from a lampshade I saw in one of my favorite booths at Wimberley Market Days. Here is a tutorial so you can make one for yourself.  There are quite a few steps but the outcome is worth it!


First, start with a lampshade. I found this one for $1 at a thrift store.

Next, remove the material from the shade.

It will  look like this.

I wanted vintage silk ribbon but did not have it so I took an old satin sheet I already had and made some to look like vintage silk.

First, cut the edges of the satin.

Then, rip the satin into ribbon sized strips. If you have any built up aggression this is a great way to get it out! 

Next, tie the strips to the shade.

Fill in with other ribbon and/or material. I already had this so it didn’t cost me extra.

Once I had tied all the ribbon and snipped the ends I realized I wanted it tied at the top and not bottom. I untied all of it and re-tied it at the top to give the top a ruffle.

Then, I created a ruffle for the bottom out of muslin which I already had.  You can use any kind of material.  I found the ruffle tutorial here.
(sorry I do not have pics of all these steps, I forgot to take them, oops)

Then,  I hot glued the ruffle to the bottom of the shade.

Next, I added 3 flowers, made out of the same satin I used for the silk look alike ribbon.  Hot glue them straight onto the shade. I found the tutorial for the flowers here. These are the same flowers I used on my Wine Bag Tutorial.

This whole project cost me $1!!! I used a lamp I already had and spray painted the lamp base, so I guess the project actually cost me $5 because of the spray paint. I also sewed a cord cover out of ticking I had left over from my living room pillows.


3 thoughts on “Ribbon Lampshade Tutorial

  1. Ooooh I likey!! Hawaii does not have as cheap a thrift store as the mainland but I make do…will try this with a pair of buffet lamps off of craigslist 🙂 Mahalo!!

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