Some Thoughts, House Plans and More Africa

My sleep patterns are slowly getting back to normal.  I don’t have any obligations right now so my life is really stress free, I kind of feel like I’m back in college.  Ahh I’m  just going to sit and enjoy the moment…. Ok I’m back.  It is so strange because I am so relaxed and at peace yet I hear this little voice in my head saying “get busy, you’re wasting your time.”  And everything in me is resisting the tendancy to get sucked back into busyness. 
 So I’m going to sit just a little longer and ignore that little voice! 

Ok, now onto the house.  If anyone has been in Texas in the summer you would know it is.. how do I say this so I don’t hurt Texas’ feelings…well MISERABLY  hot and humid and did I mention HOT! It is not a pleasant place to be if you are outside during the day.  I do LOVE Texas but pretty much from May to October the only option when you are outside is to submerge yourself in a pool, river or lake.  So with 100 degree weather in the forecast for the next few months we are going to put the outside on hold until the Fall.  That would mean the outside project would take over a year to complete but I think I’m ok with that.  We are thinking about starting the renovations on the office so we can be indoors. I am REALLY excited about working on the office because we have had a vision for it since the first time we saw it and I just can’t wait to see it all come together.  And I can’t wait to share the process with all of you:) 

Sorry if I am kind of jumping all around I feel like I have a lot I need to get out of my head:) I love to decorate with the colors yellow and red.   My eyes are naturally drawn to them. I love the warmth they bring to to a room.  As I looked through  the pictures from my trip I noticed those are the dominat colors in my pictures.  But these next pictures are very different from the others they are cool and refreshing.  Actually, as I took them I felt I was in Greece not Africa! Enjoy the beautiful blues and whites!

Aren’t they just beautiful? I couldn’t believe I was there!! Every turn was an even better photo opp.  Hope you enjoyed them!


7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts, House Plans and More Africa

  1. Are you and Joel, like, fabulous photographers are was it that in Morocco there are no bad photos? I am amazed by all you have posted and can’t wait to hear trip details! Enjoy your lull time, but post again soon, ok?

    • It is easy to take good pictures when everything is beautiful!! The lighting and the scenery was amazing!! I didn’t know how good my pictures were until I got home and saw them on my computer. The trip was awesome, we are so blessed, I can’t believe how blessed we are! I will post again soon:) Thank you for reading, I am always so encouraged by your comments.

  2. Love the pictures! Love your writing! But most of all, I love you! I will call today. Keep enjoying the rest, and don’t feel guilty!

  3. Lauren,

    Kelly passed on your blog to me…I love it! The pics from your trip are fantastic. I agree, so many of your pics remind me of Greece, I can’t get over it! I guess it’s that Mediterranean influence. I think my fave pic though, is of “Ali-Jo Jo” or maybe the new name is “Ali-Jo-El”…the turban pic is awesome! I look forward to following your blog! Love you! AK

    • Hi Kim
      I’m glad you found my blog, I have so enjoyed writing it! Isn’t that a great pic of Joel, it suits him don’t you think? We are looking forward to the wedding and can’t wait to see all of you again. Lots of love!

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