Spain and England

I think this post will wrap up the pictures from our trip.  After Africa we had an overnight layover in Madrid, Spain and a girl who was traveling with us has a friend who is studying abroad in Madrid, so we had a personal tour guide!! We saw so many sites inspite of the short amount of time we had.   We ate Tapas (kind of like appetizers) at an outdoor cafe,
 saw a palace,

an Egyptian temple,

a really cool market,

a political protest,

tons of statues and ornate buildings,

and this cute little jewelry store. I loved that everything was painted white!

After Spain we went on to Wolverhampton, England where we had a wonderful time.  Some highlights of our trip were,
hanging out with old friends,
becoming God-parents to our friend’s, Ellis and Holly’s, newest addition, baby Coen, 
eating at Jivan’s (an Indian Balti House and our most favorite restaurant in the whole world!),
shopping at our new friend Harpreet’s mother’s fabric store
and “Junk-tiqueing” with my friend Jess (you don’t think I wouldn’t go all the way across the world and not find a place to feed my addiction!).
Hope you enjoy the pics!

 Here is lady Wulfrun who the city was named after.

This sums up our 3 weeks.  It was definitely a life changing experience and one I will always remember.
Now, I am on to a new season in my life:) Stay posted!


6 thoughts on “Spain and England

  1. I love being able to go to your blog and seeing and reading about the “wonders” of the wold you and Joel have seen! 🙂
    ps: the last two pictures in Spain and England are the best 😛

  2. Lauren,
    I love your site! It is beautifully written, interesting and helpful. You are truly an amazing girl.
    I’m so glad you and Joel had a fun and safe trip and that you are home now.
    XOXO, Rachael

  3. Lauren, I love your blog. All of it. The pics and all the exciting information you put out there are excellent. You have a nack for pulling your readers right into where you are and making it real. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you. Love you Mom.

    • Thanks Mom! I have to give you so much credit for all my creativity! Thank you for your support and love. I really enjoyed picking weeds with you on the 4th, they look great in my living room:)

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