Decorating For The Reunion

Hi everyone! So I think this past week was the busiest week of my life!!! I worked until 1 in the morning nearly every night! No joke!
So here is my checklist

  • dig 18 inch ditch in front yard…check
  • re-plumb all of the cold water pipes in the house…check
  • install a new water heater…check
  • sew over 70 ft. of bunting…check
  • sew 12 table cloths… check
  • decorate, decorate, decorate…check
  • decorate for the Crosstalk Family Reunion… check
  • have a great time doing it all…CHECK! 

To say the least, I was exhausted at the end of it but, it was all worth it.  I was stretched to a limit I didn’t know was possible and I feel I had a pretty good attitude through it all:) 
Here are a few pics!

If you drove by our house on Monday you would have seen this… A trench, shovels, mud and a water heater on the front porch.
What can I say, we keep it classy!

I had to call in re-inforcements to help get all the sewing knocked out.  So, my good friend, Casey, came over with her sewing machine in hand and we got all of the bunting sewn in no time.

Here is a picture of my original plan.  My vision was vintage, 1920’s French circus.  I wanted it to feel like a summer celebration.

A few posts ago I had mentioned that I was going to have to cut back on some of my plan due to time constraints.  So instead of sewing 300 ft. of
bunting I settled for less than 100.  I simplified my center pieces and did not have a banner made. Even with all the cuts it turned out fabulous!! Check it out for yourself:)

The tables had mason jars with pens and shipping tags (you will see why in a few pictures) and snap shots of the Crosstalk family through out the years.

Our sign in table had picture frames filled with significant moments in Crosstalk’s history.

We created a timeline where people could write their names and the dates they were involved in Crosstalk.

It was soo cool to see the finished product!

We had a photo booth where people could dress up in silly hats and glasses and have pictures taken.

This was my favorite idea! Casey and her husband Chris painted this sign and I found this branch out in the woods. My idea was that people would write their name on one side of a shipping tag and then on the other side write why Crosstalk was special to them.

It looked amazing!

The night was a  great success!
We reconnected with old friends, we laughed, we cried, we ate and we were all reminded of how much God changed our lives in college.

With love,



Often when I tell people what we are doing to our house they say something along the lines of, “oh I would love to do that one day”
“wow y’all are brave to take that on.” 
And the thought of remodeling an old home is so romantic until you are faced with what we were faced with this past Saturday. 
Progress on the bathroom renovation was moving along beautifully. Well, I was really tired and had very little motivation but Joel was determined so we were able to frame up the other walls in the bathroom. 
While he was working hard I wrote this on the shiplap:) 

Then at around 7 we were going to rip up the linoleum flooring so we could see what was underneath.
Before we could do that the cast iron pipe for the old toilet had to come out.
But we couldn’t just slip it out it had to be cut out with this!

As I was prying on it with a hammer and Joel was cutting I told him I’m pretty sure I have seen this exact scene on a “What NOT to do DIY show”!! We cut the pipe free and went under the house to lower it down and as we did it bumped, not even hit, but bumped a water line and next thing I know water is spewing everywhere!! 
Now picture it… Joel frantically tells me to run and turn off the water.  I say ok and start crawling out from under the house but then realize, where do I do that? I yell “where”.  He says “never mind, move out of the way!” I hit and scratch my back on the underside of the house, come stumbling out and he zooms past me! It all happened so fast! And I am thinking “this is not fun anymore”!!!  We then spent the next two hours trying to figure out how to cap off the broken pipe so we could have running water. The next day Joel says to me “I’m just going to replace all of the plumbing… now.”  I thought “OMG what have we done” but not wanting to discourage his enthusiasm I said  “ok, I trust that decision, we can if you think that is what we need to do.” At this point, in my head, I’m praying “Lord, teach me to trust!!!”  

Now, the bathroom is on hold and we will be spending the next few days replacing plumbing that is well over 60 years old!  I guess it was a blessing. The plumbing was eventually going to have to be replaced.  Why not now?  Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today! Right?

On another note the reunion is 6 days away and I am going to meet up with my good friend, Casey, this evening to have some girl time and do a little sewing. 
Here is a sneak peek.

With love,

Created To Create

Hello friends! I have so much I want to share!! I haven’t posted in over a week because I have been a busy bee. So let me start with “In the beginning God created….”  CREATE  is a theme that I keep coming face to face with.  Ever since I was little I have loved to create.  Over the years a lie has crept in that has led me to believe creating isn’t safe and I have battled internally with a desire to create but too insecure to fully embrace it.  Therefore, I feel so many times I take the safe road when it comes to creativity. Well, my loving Father has faithfully been shaking that lie from my grasp.  About a year ago I came to the realization that I was created to create! Oh it felt so good to admit it.  To embrace it. To believe it.  Actually, the other night,  I heard from a very wise young lady that God created all of us in his image and the very first thing he did was create!  So that must mean you and I were created to create!! Isn’t it the most freeing thing to realize that!!!  Well,  the truth that I was created to create has been brought before me again. 

I have spent the last week working with an amazing interior designer, Deborah McIlvaine, who is the owner of Verbena Designs.   Deborah is a true artist and has a wealth of knowledge.  Let me just tell you this woman can do anything when it comes to interiors!  She creates such beautiful, harmonious spaces and I am so excited and humbled that she would want to teach me her tricks of the trade!  As I write this I have tears in my eyes because I can’t believe this dream of mine is coming true.  And the icing on the cake is that Deborah and I get along so well.  She is so much fun to work with! I can honestly say at the end of the day “I am exhausted but I loved my day at work.”  I have longed for so long to be able to say those words.  Deborah offers many different interior design services and can help you achieve the space you dream of.  If you are interested in talking with one of the best in the business her email is

In other news I have  volunteered myself to be the decorator for a big event on  July 23. You know I have said before that my husband works with a college ministry well the leadership team is hosting a huge family reunion with all of the alumni.  I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to decorate for the Saturday night dinner so I said sign me up!! Of course this means my brain starts swirling with ideas.  Which usually means  little lists and notes with ideas strung all over the house and car!  Now with the event one week away and  a limited budget I am realizing I may need to cut out some ideas. I am sure it will be wonderful!  Stay tuned for the finished product.

The bathroom is taking shape! We put up the studs for the wall that will separate the guest room from the bathroom. 
And started putting insulation into the walls. 

And purchased a tub that is sitting in our living room:)

We are hoping to get back to working on it in the near future:)

 Here are some pictures I have found, at, that are what I hope the space will look like.

I will leave you with this… But now, this is what the Lord says- he who CREATED you, Jacob (Lauren), he who formed you, Israel (Lauren): “Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

With love,

Vintage Farm Table

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day!  This morning I ate at a wonderful kolache shop with my mom where dreamed of our futures as interior decorators.  Then I came home and worked on a piece of furniture (stay tuned for the reveal), staged some pictures and now here I am sipping Tetley british tea, avoiding replacing plumbing with Joel:)  I wanted to share some pictures I took earlier of a table I bought a few weekends ago at a yard sale. It’s a vintage farm table with a white enamel coated top. I painted it with Sherwin Williams Sage Green and applied some of Miss Mustard Seed’s  painting and decoupage techniques. 

And here you have it!


A fabulous vintage farm table.



I have been exploring staging for pictures and, with my sister’s camera, I think these are some of the best ones I have taken inside my house.

I added old sheet music (something I learned from Miss Mustard Seed) to the inside of the drawer and left the original pull.  I also sanded by the handle to give it the appearance of being worn over time.

I just love doing this! I am smiling a huge smile as I look at these pictures. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I have completed a project.


I think I may turn this into a business. What do you think?
With love,

A little sprucing up, bathroom fixtures and good news!

We had friends over for dinner last night and will have people in our house tonight so I had to do some cleaning so our house didn’t look like a construction zone.  So instead of only taking an hour to clean I got a little side tracked with decorating and it took me three hours! I felt my living room needed a little sprucing up.  This is what I did!  My pictures turned out blurry, I’m still trying to figure out my sister’s camera!

We also spent a lot of time over the weekend purchasing fixtures for the bathroom.
We bought this pedestal sink off Craigslist for $75, faucet included.

We also bought this antique mirror for $45.

And two of these beauties from Restoration Hardware outlet for $20 each.

We spent less than $200!
Typically a nice pedestal sink would cost no less than $150, faucets around $100, 
a new oval mirror at Lowes is $75 and the lights retail for $70 each. 
We saved around $300!! I think we are well on our way to staying under our $2000 goal!

Now, do you remember the doll clothes I bought at that estate sale a few months ago?  To read the full post click here.
And do you remember I paid $8  for the trunk they came in?
Well, over the weekend I sold them on Ebay for over $500!!!! I know can you believe it? I bet your jaw just hit the ground! Mine did!!
All in all it was a great holiday weekend, filled with lots of fun.  Hope yours was a good one! 

With love,

Guest Bath Update

I woke up this morning and my back and feet were killing me! The renovations on the guest bath are in full swing and my brain is bursting with ideas for this space! I am so excited you are in on this journey with us!!!  You may be wondering why we chose to work on the bathroom instead of the office but we felt the bath was a more pressing issue.  Right now we have 2 bathrooms but the sink does not work in the master bath so we were using the guest sink. And the shower in the guest bath not only leaked under the house but when you took a shower it was like Niagra Falls under there!  So our guest had to use our shower that constantly drips so we have to turn it off behind the tub.  Our master bath has a claw foot tub that needs to be refinished but it is an amazing tub.  The previous owners had built a surround around it to make it look like a garden tub. 

Well the pipes were leaking and a huge hole has rotted through the floor. Yes, you can see all the way to the dirt in my bathroom!  So turning on the water behind the tub is not only a pain in the you know what but kinda creepy. As you can see our bathrooms are in desperate need of repair. Wait not repair… a complete overhaul!  I will call it a “Rescue”.  Here are some pictures of the progress so far.  Our goal is to do the whole project for under $2000! I think we can do it!!!

We made quite a mess!

Want to hear something really cool?

My good friend Ellen texted me yesterday and said while she was at Wimberley Market Days (one of my most favorite places to shop) she over heard two women talking about my blog! Can you believe it?  The Rescued Home is famous!!! 

Here is a shout out to all my readers, thank you for reading and for taking time to care about what is going on in my life.  I am so very grateful!
Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear from you.
With love,