A little sprucing up, bathroom fixtures and good news!

We had friends over for dinner last night and will have people in our house tonight so I had to do some cleaning so our house didn’t look like a construction zone.  So instead of only taking an hour to clean I got a little side tracked with decorating and it took me three hours! I felt my living room needed a little sprucing up.  This is what I did!  My pictures turned out blurry, I’m still trying to figure out my sister’s camera!

We also spent a lot of time over the weekend purchasing fixtures for the bathroom.
We bought this pedestal sink off Craigslist for $75, faucet included.

We also bought this antique mirror for $45.

And two of these beauties from Restoration Hardware outlet for $20 each.

We spent less than $200!
Typically a nice pedestal sink would cost no less than $150, faucets around $100, 
a new oval mirror at Lowes is $75 and the lights retail for $70 each. 
We saved around $300!! I think we are well on our way to staying under our $2000 goal!

Now, do you remember the doll clothes I bought at that estate sale a few months ago?  To read the full post click here.
And do you remember I paid $8  for the trunk they came in?
Well, over the weekend I sold them on Ebay for over $500!!!! I know can you believe it? I bet your jaw just hit the ground! Mine did!!
All in all it was a great holiday weekend, filled with lots of fun.  Hope yours was a good one! 

With love,


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