Vintage Farm Table

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day!  This morning I ate at a wonderful kolache shop with my mom where dreamed of our futures as interior decorators.  Then I came home and worked on a piece of furniture (stay tuned for the reveal), staged some pictures and now here I am sipping Tetley british tea, avoiding replacing plumbing with Joel:)  I wanted to share some pictures I took earlier of a table I bought a few weekends ago at a yard sale. It’s a vintage farm table with a white enamel coated top. I painted it with Sherwin Williams Sage Green and applied some of Miss Mustard Seed’s  painting and decoupage techniques. 

And here you have it!


A fabulous vintage farm table.



I have been exploring staging for pictures and, with my sister’s camera, I think these are some of the best ones I have taken inside my house.

I added old sheet music (something I learned from Miss Mustard Seed) to the inside of the drawer and left the original pull.  I also sanded by the handle to give it the appearance of being worn over time.

I just love doing this! I am smiling a huge smile as I look at these pictures. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I have completed a project.


I think I may turn this into a business. What do you think?
With love,


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