Often when I tell people what we are doing to our house they say something along the lines of, “oh I would love to do that one day”
“wow y’all are brave to take that on.” 
And the thought of remodeling an old home is so romantic until you are faced with what we were faced with this past Saturday. 
Progress on the bathroom renovation was moving along beautifully. Well, I was really tired and had very little motivation but Joel was determined so we were able to frame up the other walls in the bathroom. 
While he was working hard I wrote this on the shiplap:) 

Then at around 7 we were going to rip up the linoleum flooring so we could see what was underneath.
Before we could do that the cast iron pipe for the old toilet had to come out.
But we couldn’t just slip it out it had to be cut out with this!

As I was prying on it with a hammer and Joel was cutting I told him I’m pretty sure I have seen this exact scene on a “What NOT to do DIY show”!! We cut the pipe free and went under the house to lower it down and as we did it bumped, not even hit, but bumped a water line and next thing I know water is spewing everywhere!! 
Now picture it… Joel frantically tells me to run and turn off the water.  I say ok and start crawling out from under the house but then realize, where do I do that? I yell “where”.  He says “never mind, move out of the way!” I hit and scratch my back on the underside of the house, come stumbling out and he zooms past me! It all happened so fast! And I am thinking “this is not fun anymore”!!!  We then spent the next two hours trying to figure out how to cap off the broken pipe so we could have running water. The next day Joel says to me “I’m just going to replace all of the plumbing… now.”  I thought “OMG what have we done” but not wanting to discourage his enthusiasm I said  “ok, I trust that decision, we can if you think that is what we need to do.” At this point, in my head, I’m praying “Lord, teach me to trust!!!”  

Now, the bathroom is on hold and we will be spending the next few days replacing plumbing that is well over 60 years old!  I guess it was a blessing. The plumbing was eventually going to have to be replaced.  Why not now?  Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today! Right?

On another note the reunion is 6 days away and I am going to meet up with my good friend, Casey, this evening to have some girl time and do a little sewing. 
Here is a sneak peek.

With love,


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