Decorating For The Reunion

Hi everyone! So I think this past week was the busiest week of my life!!! I worked until 1 in the morning nearly every night! No joke!
So here is my checklist

  • dig 18 inch ditch in front yard…check
  • re-plumb all of the cold water pipes in the house…check
  • install a new water heater…check
  • sew over 70 ft. of bunting…check
  • sew 12 table cloths… check
  • decorate, decorate, decorate…check
  • decorate for the Crosstalk Family Reunion… check
  • have a great time doing it all…CHECK! 

To say the least, I was exhausted at the end of it but, it was all worth it.  I was stretched to a limit I didn’t know was possible and I feel I had a pretty good attitude through it all:) 
Here are a few pics!

If you drove by our house on Monday you would have seen this… A trench, shovels, mud and a water heater on the front porch.
What can I say, we keep it classy!

I had to call in re-inforcements to help get all the sewing knocked out.  So, my good friend, Casey, came over with her sewing machine in hand and we got all of the bunting sewn in no time.

Here is a picture of my original plan.  My vision was vintage, 1920’s French circus.  I wanted it to feel like a summer celebration.

A few posts ago I had mentioned that I was going to have to cut back on some of my plan due to time constraints.  So instead of sewing 300 ft. of
bunting I settled for less than 100.  I simplified my center pieces and did not have a banner made. Even with all the cuts it turned out fabulous!! Check it out for yourself:)

The tables had mason jars with pens and shipping tags (you will see why in a few pictures) and snap shots of the Crosstalk family through out the years.

Our sign in table had picture frames filled with significant moments in Crosstalk’s history.

We created a timeline where people could write their names and the dates they were involved in Crosstalk.

It was soo cool to see the finished product!

We had a photo booth where people could dress up in silly hats and glasses and have pictures taken.

This was my favorite idea! Casey and her husband Chris painted this sign and I found this branch out in the woods. My idea was that people would write their name on one side of a shipping tag and then on the other side write why Crosstalk was special to them.

It looked amazing!

The night was a  great success!
We reconnected with old friends, we laughed, we cried, we ate and we were all reminded of how much God changed our lives in college.

With love,


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