A Few Days Away and Craft Night With The Girls

I am well rested!!  We just got back from a much needed mini vacay at the lake.  We have some very awesome family members who let us come and veg at their lake house for a few days.  And veg is what we did!  I know it sounds lame to say we spent most of our vacation watching cable for  3 days but that is what we did and it was WONDERFUL!!! You see we did away with cable at our house so, to sit and watch any kind of tv for hours on end is just unheard of with our busy schedules and working on the house.  I think I had the expectation of a nice get away with wine, reading, laying in the sun, deep conversation…you know a life changing experience.  But I am not disappointed that I didn’t get a lot of reading done and that me and Joel hardly said anything deep to each other.  Surprisingly, it was just what we needed. 
Some of my  favorite parts of the trip are…
Taking 6 hrs to get there when it should have taken 4.  Yep, we stopped in almost every small town to hit up antique shops and yes a garage sale:)  I love that Joel also enjoys my passion for picking! He is soo awesome!!! I bought some goodies and will post pictures later.


Walking along the lake bottom (the lake has dropped 14ft due to the drought) picking up fresh water clam shells and over 100 pieces of driftwood for a future project:) 


 Spending the day with family out on the boat soaking up the sun.
Thank you Misty and Nathan we are so blessed by you two!

The night before we left for our vacation I had a rescued home craft night that my friend Rachael helped me pull off.  Rachael provided an amazing homemade lasagna, salad and wine and we created my spring topiary.  

 It was an amazing night! I had soo much fun and think all the ladies did too!  When the ladies arrived I had a table set up where they could give me their information, subscribe to the rescued home and then enter their names, by writing them on vintage sheet music and putting them in a terra cotta pot,  for a give away at the end of the night.

The prize was a vintage suitcase embellished with a silk flower and antique lace.


Here are some pictures of the night.

Everything flowed so smoothly and everyone’s topiary was awesome!  
And above all God was there. 
He was in our laughter, he was in our friendships, he was in our creativity, he was in our femininity and he blessed us that night with goodness. 
With love,


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