A Love Affair

Hello friends!! I am trying to get my body moving after yesterday.   I spent Saturday and yesterday painting a 1400 sq. ft. house! Not by myself thank God!  Today I will be working on a few projects for some customers.  Hey, speaking of customers, I seem to be developing a little business where people ask me to find a furniture piece or something for their home and I find it for them:)  It’s called “picking” and I love doing it!!!  Recently, I have found a rocking chair that I am re-upholstering, an antique bed frame, and a lamp for some friends.  So if you are looking for something big or small (if it’s big and you live close to San Marcos I can deliver it) I would love to find it for you.  Or if you ever see something that I post about in one of my “recent finds” posts and you want to buy it, shoot me a message and we can talk;) 

I kind of have a thing for chairs. We can call it a love affair!  Anyone who has been to my house will say I have quite a few places to park your rear. I want to show you some pics of a couple of pieces I bought yesterday.  They are fabulous!

This one, lets call her “Lola”, I will paint, re-upholster and if you notice her bottom side is kind of drooping, she needs a butt tuck!  
So I will replace the webbing that supports the seat.

This one I will call “Sherlock” b/c it looks like something from Sherlock Holmes.  The cain seat needs to be replaced which is an easy fix.  I absolutely love this one! I don’t think I will ever sell it.


Actually, Joel found this one!

Oh yeah baby’s got back!

With love,


2 thoughts on “A Love Affair

  1. i may have to get upholstery lessons!! chairs are awesome, i love love chairs. the bathroom plans are looking fantastic! cant wait to come see….

    • I can teach you! So you have a thing for chairs also? I counted and I have 23 chairs in my house right now!!! Not including couches:) I would love to have you over soon, maybe we can do some creative brainstorming. Thanks for reading:) Love ya!

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