The Rescued Home on Etsy

Progress on the guest bath is moving along quite slowly here in the Lowry household.  The school year is back in full swing and even though I’m not teaching I am still on a school schedule with Joel’s job.  If you didn’t know my husband is a pastor to college students and much of our lives revolve around students.  We love it because we feel like we’re still in college! Since my last update we purchased this pendant light that will hang from the ceiling

and two of these sconces that will go on both sides of the mirror over the sink

in oil rubbed bronze from the Restoration Hardware outlet for a fraction of the catalog price.  I love me some good deals!  We are hoping to complete the bathroom project by the end of October!  We spent the weekend installing the plumbing for the sink, toilet and tub.  We need to finish some electrical and plumbing and then sheet rock can go up on the walls.  I love that part because at that point it starts to feel like the room is really starting to come together.  Hey, I have a funny story.  The other night we saw a neighborhood cat slink through a small opening under our house.  I thought it was gross because I am not a big fan of cats and I didn’t want them under our house.  Joel said it was good because they will keep the mice and rats away.  When he said it that way I was ok with cats instead of rats!  Well, on Saturday I was under the house, working on some plumbing, in the corner where the cat had been and I looked down to see a huge pile of bird feathers on the ground! I yelled “EWW!”  And Joel screamed, what?!?  Not only had the cats been keeping rats away but they were using the underneath of my house for a dining room!!!!  RIP little birdie.

 In other news I’ve been working on pictures for my Etsy shop and wanted to share a few with you.  I’m hoping to have it open for business by this weekend:)

With love,


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