Decorating For Fall

My favorite time of year is right around the corner. Fall.  I love when the first cold front blows through, it has such promise, such refreshment.  I love the excitement of three months of holidays ahead.  I love pulling out my sweaters that have been stored away since February.  Most of all I love Fall decorations.  I love the colors of Fall.  The warmth in reds, golden yellows, oranges and shades of brown.   When I was a little girl my mom and I would load up in the car and head out down old country roads to find grapevine growing along old fences. When we found some she would pull over, yank the grapevine out of the fence and start bending and shaping it into a wreath.  I loved watching her create!  I loved the
organic-ness of the moment.  Then we would load back up in the car and go look for some “pretty weeds”.  When we found some we would pull over, she would get out her scissors that she often carried with her and she would cut any “pretty weed” that we found.   Then we would go back home and I would spend the afternoon watching my mom create a Fall wreath from the treasures we collected.  I admired her creativity.  I learned from her resourcefulness.  I thought my mom was soo cool!  I wanted to be just like her.  So when this time of year rolls around these kinds of memories come flooding back into my mind.  My “creativity” box opens up in my mind and I start dreaming up different ideas for my house.  Hopefully, this Fall, on top of our bathroom remodel, Joel’s job and me starting a business I will have time for my hobby, creating beautiful things for my home, and if I’m really lucky I will take pictures and share with all of you:)

The other day I was posting pictures in my new Etsy shop, Rescued Home Interiors, and I came across these precious candy corn at Old Goat Prims

I absolutely love them!!! They would look so cute in my house this Fall.  They are only $15!  I first considered making them but for the price I really feel like it would be better just to buy them.  That is, if Joel will let me buy anything else for our house:) What do y’all think? Do you like them? Come on you know you want to give me your opinion! Let me hear it.

With love,


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