A Beautiful Wedding

Hi to all! I went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday and I just couldn’t wait to share some of the photos. Joel’s cousin, Jenna, married Davey yesterday and it could not have been more perfect.  It took place at a residence in Southern California.  The venue, the people, and the wedding party were breathtaking.  But the most beautiful was the bride.  I spoke with Davey, the groom, at the rehearsal dinner and he told me about how he and Jenna really worked hard during their engagement to honor God and each other and yesterday it showed.  As she walked down the aisle he looked at her with such approval and she was presented to him, a spotless bride.  It made me think of what it will be like one day for the church to be presented to Christ.  Oh, it is going to be the most beautiful wedding day ever!!

Here are some snap shots of the big event.

With love,


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding

  1. Lauren, Thanks for posting the pics of the wedding. I have been to California a lot lately because we go to visit Phiip there. It is alot of fun there. The weather is awesome. I am so glad you all had such a great time!

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