A Surprise In The Mail

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.   Joel left on Friday for a weekend at the beach with over 50 college students so I stayed with my friend  Calli whose husband also went.  We had an awesome girls weekend that consisted of eating lots of salad, sipping hot tea and decorating.  It was an amazingly productive but restful weekend.

Have I told y’all how wonderful my husband is?
He is the most wonderful person I know!  I learn so much from him.  He spends his days pouring his life into college guys, by being a close friend and teaching them how to pursue God.  He loves so well, I am humbled by his amazing heart.  Then he comes home and pours his life and heart into me.  Of all the pursuers of God that I know, Joel, is most like Jesus.
Ok now that we are all in love with Joel let me put the cherry on top.

Do you remember the candy corn fall decorations I wanted?

Well look at what came in the mail this weekend!

He had read my post and ordered them for me.

He is the best. He knows me so well.  My heart is safe with him.

Oh, I can’t wait to display them in my house!

Let me ask you, have you told your man (or lady) how special they are today?

 Have you told them how grateful you are for them?

I encourage you to do that.  Then thank God for that person.

With love,


6 thoughts on “A Surprise In The Mail

  1. AWWW. That is so sweet of Joel. He sounds very encouraging. My husband Joel did something similar. There was this wall clock that I have been looking at all Summer but did not want to fork out the money for. Well, he picked up an old washer and dryer that was by the curb of someones house and turned it in for scrap metal in San Marcos. Then he used the money he got to surprise me with my clock! I like to think of it as the free clock that came from the side of the road!

  2. Joel is so thoughtful! These decorations are a-dorable! If you put them on your blue porch bench… they would really POP! I’m sure where-ever you put them, they’ll look like they were made exactly for that spot though 🙂
    And… I think you need to have a fall themed craft night soon.
    Ps. Did I tell you a started a photo blog? I started a photo blog.

    • Thx Heather! They would look so cute on my bench. I love the idea of a fall craft night maybe in the next few weeks I could pull something together. I’m excited you started a blog, I will check it out! Love ya!

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