Bathroom update and Canada

Can I tell you how good God is to me??  So, I’m sitting in an amazing coffee shop in downtown Vancouver eating a pear and brie panini watching traffic and people buzz everywhere… working:)  Beauty is everywhere. Vancouver is surrounded by mountains so picture this…mountains set back in the distance, high-rise apartments, streets lined with small shops, pops of vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and pink leaves glow against a gray, rainy background.  My senses are filled with color, motion and the smell of coffee.  It is raining and cold, and people are bundled in coats and hats, scurrying to one of the many of coffee shops around the city.  I keep on telling myself, my sister-in-law, Allie would love this place!!  Our friends who are getting married, Ayo and Luna, have an amazing 10th floor apartment that overlooks the mountains and city.  I will snap a picture and post it so you all can see.

So rewind back to Texas.  Before we left we got to a good stopping point on the bathroom.  So, when I get back I can hit the ground running on preparation for Market On Belvin, November 12th.

Wanna see the bathroom???

Are you sure???

Ok, here it is…

What do you think???  I’m pretty pleased with it.  Jess, did you notice the shaver brushes from our little shopping trip in Wolves?  I will try to post some pictures of Vancouver in the next few days.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

With love,


Lauren’s Song

So it is crunch time here in the Lowry household.  We are headed out of town soon and our bathroom remodel needs to be finished by the time we leave.   When we get back I will have less than 2 weeks to get ready for the Market On Belvin.  On top of finishing the bathroom I have a full work week.  Praise God for his blessing on this business!!!  Sorry to be unloading all this I feel like I just need to say how much I have going on so it will stop circling around in my head.  Ok, I’m ok now.

I have something I want to share with you.  Its my song.  Last night I heard a very wise man say that once God has fulfilled one of your dreams write a song about it, like Hannah in the Bible.  So this morning I was sipping my coffee and this came to me.  I’m not a song writer and definitely not a musician but I do love my song:)  This is a song of thankfulness to the Lord for fulfilling my desire to own my own business and for revealing who he has created me to be.

Lauren’s Song

I exalt you Lord.
I praise you because you have turned my mourning into dancing.
You have set my feet upon a rock and given me a sure foundation.  I will dance upon the strong foundation of the Lord.
You have heard my cry for release.
You have seen the desires of my heart.  You have seen them because they bear your face and your name.  You have seen them and you have said “yes.”
You have not withheld any good thing from me.
You have brought me into open fields.  My every sense if filled with Jesus.
You have brought me to the mountain and set me high above it, this where I see your glory.
You have brought me into the tide and my enemies are left standing on the shore.  The waves of your love crash around me and I do not fear.
I praise you Lord, my God, my Deliverer, because you know me intimately. 

With love,

“E, N, O, P” Revealed

This morning felt like Christmas morning!  Ok, rewind to last night, we were up until 1 am painting and installing lights!  When we woke up we pealed ourselves out of bed, moaning because our bodies were hurtin for certain.  I shuffled across the house to go see our work and Joel said don’t go in yet!  So I stood outside the door to the bathroom like a little child standing outside the living room waiting to open presents.
When we walked in I think I heard angels singing.
We saw this…

I just love it!!! I think this tops the list of favorite rooms in my house so far.

And do you remember this???

Here is the finished product.  See if you can find it around town.

Don’t forget Market On Belvin is November 12th so mark your calendars for a day of shopping inside The Rescued Home!
With Love,

A Long Awaited Bathroom Remodel Update

Ok here it is the latest update on the bathroom.  Our original plan was to be finished by August!  We had no idea what was in store and it has been a huge learning process.  We are finally starting on the finish work which is always an exciting time because it is when the room really starts to come together.   So I’m going to take you back through the whole process.

Here is what it originally looked like.  You could sit on the toilet, brush your teeth, wash your feet in the shower and eat from the dining room table all at one time!!!

The first day of the remodel looked like this

Here is a view from the guest bedroom

A wall came down and a new one went up expanding the bathroom the full length of the back side of the bedroom.

Oh and do you remember our busted pipe???

This led to new cold water plumbing through out the whole house and an installation of a new water heater (that puts out some steamy H2O, I love it).

We then installed wood flooring where the old bathroom was. After that we moved on to electrical work.  Here is where two sconces will hang.

Here is where the sink will go (sorry for the blury pic).

We left our mark inside the walls

While we were in California it rained, yes it hasn’t rained all summer and the one weekend we leave it rains!  Joel heard it was going to rain so he frantically called our friend John and asked him to break into our house and put a bucket under a vent pipe we had cut.  He did and a lot of the water was caught but it still leaked all around the pipe and left the floor looking like this.

We thought we were going to have to rip it up! But we were able to dry it out, whew!

Then this past weekend we did this… First, mildew resistant sheet rock.

Then the bead board walls and ceiling.  It looks like a sauna!!

The clawfoot tub will go on this wall.

Next is the trim around the windows, base boards and crown molding.
Then PAINTING!!!! That’s my favorite part.

 I want to thank everyone who follows our updates and for all of your support and enthusiasm.  Your words of encouragement are often what keep us going.

With love,

Table Makeover

Today is a very exciting day!  The sheet rock is going up on the walls in the bathroom.  We FINALLY finished the electrical and plumbing.  So for all of you who have been waiting on a house update, it is coming!!  I will post pictures soon.

One of my passions is refinishing furniture.  It goes along with that drive inside of me that comes alive when I see something rescued and restored.  I feel like I used to have more time to do it before we took on a much larger refinishing project, a 1600 sq. ft. house!!!  So in the mix of the bathroom remodel, starting a business and ministry I threw in a table makeover.  A few months ago I saw this picture on Reclaimed Studio.

First off I LOVED this kitchen and the other thing that caught my eye was the round table/island.  I loved the idea of two pieces of furniture as islands.  It reminded me of a kitchen you would see in a cottage in Tuscany (by the way I am crazy about Tuscany!).   So when I stumbled…well I don’t know if I ever really stumble onto anything it’s more like when I was scouring an antique shop, I found a table that reminded me of the picture. (I took a before picture but I think I erased it, sorry).  I bought it with the intention of refinishing it and selling it.  So… 4 months later it is ready for its big reveal.  I am quite pleased with the finished product.

What do you think?? I thought it could be used as a kitchen island, in a breakfast nook or as an entry way table.  It is currently listed on my Etsy shop, Rescued Home Interiors.

With love,