Table Makeover

Today is a very exciting day!  The sheet rock is going up on the walls in the bathroom.  We FINALLY finished the electrical and plumbing.  So for all of you who have been waiting on a house update, it is coming!!  I will post pictures soon.

One of my passions is refinishing furniture.  It goes along with that drive inside of me that comes alive when I see something rescued and restored.  I feel like I used to have more time to do it before we took on a much larger refinishing project, a 1600 sq. ft. house!!!  So in the mix of the bathroom remodel, starting a business and ministry I threw in a table makeover.  A few months ago I saw this picture on Reclaimed Studio.

First off I LOVED this kitchen and the other thing that caught my eye was the round table/island.  I loved the idea of two pieces of furniture as islands.  It reminded me of a kitchen you would see in a cottage in Tuscany (by the way I am crazy about Tuscany!).   So when I stumbled…well I don’t know if I ever really stumble onto anything it’s more like when I was scouring an antique shop, I found a table that reminded me of the picture. (I took a before picture but I think I erased it, sorry).  I bought it with the intention of refinishing it and selling it.  So… 4 months later it is ready for its big reveal.  I am quite pleased with the finished product.

What do you think?? I thought it could be used as a kitchen island, in a breakfast nook or as an entry way table.  It is currently listed on my Etsy shop, Rescued Home Interiors.

With love,


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