A Long Awaited Bathroom Remodel Update

Ok here it is the latest update on the bathroom.  Our original plan was to be finished by August!  We had no idea what was in store and it has been a huge learning process.  We are finally starting on the finish work which is always an exciting time because it is when the room really starts to come together.   So I’m going to take you back through the whole process.

Here is what it originally looked like.  You could sit on the toilet, brush your teeth, wash your feet in the shower and eat from the dining room table all at one time!!!

The first day of the remodel looked like this

Here is a view from the guest bedroom

A wall came down and a new one went up expanding the bathroom the full length of the back side of the bedroom.

Oh and do you remember our busted pipe???

This led to new cold water plumbing through out the whole house and an installation of a new water heater (that puts out some steamy H2O, I love it).

We then installed wood flooring where the old bathroom was. After that we moved on to electrical work.  Here is where two sconces will hang.

Here is where the sink will go (sorry for the blury pic).

We left our mark inside the walls

While we were in California it rained, yes it hasn’t rained all summer and the one weekend we leave it rains!  Joel heard it was going to rain so he frantically called our friend John and asked him to break into our house and put a bucket under a vent pipe we had cut.  He did and a lot of the water was caught but it still leaked all around the pipe and left the floor looking like this.

We thought we were going to have to rip it up! But we were able to dry it out, whew!

Then this past weekend we did this… First, mildew resistant sheet rock.

Then the bead board walls and ceiling.  It looks like a sauna!!

The clawfoot tub will go on this wall.

Next is the trim around the windows, base boards and crown molding.
Then PAINTING!!!! That’s my favorite part.

 I want to thank everyone who follows our updates and for all of your support and enthusiasm.  Your words of encouragement are often what keep us going.

With love,


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