Lauren’s Song

So it is crunch time here in the Lowry household.  We are headed out of town soon and our bathroom remodel needs to be finished by the time we leave.   When we get back I will have less than 2 weeks to get ready for the Market On Belvin.  On top of finishing the bathroom I have a full work week.  Praise God for his blessing on this business!!!  Sorry to be unloading all this I feel like I just need to say how much I have going on so it will stop circling around in my head.  Ok, I’m ok now.

I have something I want to share with you.  Its my song.  Last night I heard a very wise man say that once God has fulfilled one of your dreams write a song about it, like Hannah in the Bible.  So this morning I was sipping my coffee and this came to me.  I’m not a song writer and definitely not a musician but I do love my song:)  This is a song of thankfulness to the Lord for fulfilling my desire to own my own business and for revealing who he has created me to be.

Lauren’s Song

I exalt you Lord.
I praise you because you have turned my mourning into dancing.
You have set my feet upon a rock and given me a sure foundation.  I will dance upon the strong foundation of the Lord.
You have heard my cry for release.
You have seen the desires of my heart.  You have seen them because they bear your face and your name.  You have seen them and you have said “yes.”
You have not withheld any good thing from me.
You have brought me into open fields.  My every sense if filled with Jesus.
You have brought me to the mountain and set me high above it, this where I see your glory.
You have brought me into the tide and my enemies are left standing on the shore.  The waves of your love crash around me and I do not fear.
I praise you Lord, my God, my Deliverer, because you know me intimately. 

With love,


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