British Columbia and Washington

Hi all! I hope you had a fun Halloween, we didn’t celebrate by dressing up, which is something we really love to do, because we were in Seattle.  So in memory of Halloween’s passed here are some pictures I thought you would enjoy:)

Here we are as old people. Kinda scary, we look like our grandparents!

Nacho Libre and the nun, Encarnacion.  Joel was such a champ to follow through on this one!

Last year we were our good friends, Ted and Becky Ball.

 So fun! Can’t wait until next year.

After our trip to Vancouver we drove to Seattle for a few days of rest.  I just have to say Washington is soo beautiful and I am so grateful we were able to experience it.   Here are some pictures from our trip both Vancouver and Washington.  I kind of went crazy with my camera, so there are a lot of pictures.

The colors and landscape were incredible to see.

This is the view from Ayo and Luna’s apartment.  Amazing!

What a good looking crew.  Don’t you think?

Driving through the mountains was incredible.

It was so fun to see famous sites around Seattle like Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks.

I was so inspired by all of the color and texture.  I just couldn’t wait to get back home and start creating.  Ideas of how I can bring nature inside and add more texture to interiors have been racing through my head.  So here I go, it is a day of creating for me!  Take care.

With love,


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