I’m in complete awe!  I could not have asked for a better first Market On Belvin.  The day was a complete success and now I am filled to the brim with gratitude.  My cup runs over!  During worship this morning I told Joel I was going to go sit at the feet of Jesus.  I went to the altar and sat.  As I sat and processed these past two weeks I felt like I had  just climbed Mount Everest, I was so exhausted!  But as I rested, like Mary at Jesus’ feet, I was restored.  Truth was spoken over me and I saw my Daddy smiling, so pleased with his daughter.  As I reflect on this weekend I see that God used this amazing event, a gift directly from His hands, to draw me closer to him.  That is what Market On Belvin was for me, a chance to know my Father more.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all my friends/vendors who worked so hard to make Market On Belvin so incredible, I seriously could not have done it without you!  It was amazing to see my house turned into a store! I love you all so very much and thank God for you.

I have a long list of thank you’s I absolutely have to give so here it goes. I would like to first thank my amazing husband for sticking with me and supporting me, you love me so selflessly and are truly my best friend, we make a great team!  Rachael Baldwin, a columnist for Ask Miss. A, for her amazing article on The Rescued Home and Market On Belvin, my dad, mom, brother and sister for all your help and support, I love you so much and my friend Calli Swindle for her countless words of encouragement and prayers.  I also want to thank my vendors, Courtenay Kehl and her mom Leta with Blue Chelsea Treasures ( you can find their amazing handmade jewelry and goodies at Wimberley Market Days), Amy Smith my fellow blogger at Bliss On A Budget, Becky Ball and Callie Ecret with I Choose You Ministries,  Mary Owens with Key to the Kingdom, Sandy Ramirez with Bloom Street Designs and Top Drawer Whimsies, Sarah Davis and Emily Watson with The Hungarian Peddler on Etsy, Julie Anna Hammett with Julie Anna Photography, Rachael Ayers, Marsha Davis, Jill Swihart, Nicole Yonker and Kate Patterson.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Ok, so I’m sure you are ready for the pictures.
Without further delay may I present to you Market On Belvin.

Me and my mommy.

Here is my booth.

The other vendors displayed their goodies so beautifully.

Thank you to all those who came out to shop and support, you made the day so much fun!

With love,


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Lauren,
    I’m so impressed with Market on Belvin!
    It looked beautiful! I’m so happy to know that you are pursuing your dreams and passions and using your wonderful talents to create such beautiful things for people to make them happy and all the while, you are happy as well!

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