“Christmas Decorating With Lauren” Fabric Vase Fillers

Today is the third day in my decorating series and I am really enjoying myself!  I don’t think I have ever blogged this much in such a short amount of time.  Are you having fun making your own holiday decor?

I’m going to share another tutorial today.  I have wanted to do this craft for two years!! Yes, two years ago I bought a home decor book that had a picture of floral balls covered in strips of fabric and I have never taken the time to make them until now.  This is the Christmas when I will have my fabric floral balls!  But instead of calling them fabric balls were going to call them fabric vase fillers, it sounds prettier:)

You will need:

floral balls (if you don’t have them you can use tennis or base balls, or any small ball your kiddos won’t miss out of their toy box)
fabric that matches your holiday color scheme
a hot glue gun

First, take your fabric and cut it into 1″ strips. Then apply a small amount of hot glue to a foam ball.

Wrap the strip of fabric all the way around the ball securing it with glue every few inches.
Once you have wrapped the strip all the way around the ball cut off any excess fabric.

 Then, start over with the same process on a different section of the ball.

Continue wrapping, running the strips of fabric in different directions until the whole ball is covered.

Once the whole ball is covered it should look like this.

You can display them in a vase or basket like I did.

I love the primitive touch they add to my holiday decor.

DECORATING TIP: Having great holiday decor doesn’t have to be expensive.  Look around your house and see what you can transform into decorations.
With love,


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