“Christmas Decorating With Lauren” Mitten Garland

It has been raining for nearly 4 days here in San Marcos and it is glorious.  Everything is finally turning green!  Despite the rain, I decided to go to one of my favorite places yesterday morning, Wimberley Market Days.  It was so wonderful to walk around in the rain for hours, sloshing through the mud, hunting for treasures.  I ended up finding a lot of goodies for a project I’m working on.  I will post pictures once I get further along on the project.

Have you ever read The Mitten by Jan Brett?  It was one of my favorites growing up.  So when I saw this picture

in The Land of Nod catalog I was reminded of The Mitten and how wonderful the holidays are when you are a child.  I wanted to be reminded of those memories this season so I created my own mitten garland.  And I’m going to share the tutorial with you today.

You will need:

felt (4 for $1 at Hobby Lobby)
bias tape
hot glue gun
card stock
permanent marker

First, create a stencil of a mitten on your cardstock.  I free-handed my mitten.  Cut out the mitten. Trace the mitten onto your felt and cut out.

Repeat until you have enough mittens.

Then hot glue the mittens onto the bias tape leaving about 6″ between the mittens.

 Glue the mittens facing different ways and at different angles so it looks like little mittens hung to dry.

Finally, hang the garland.  I love the touch of whimsy it brings to my home!

DECORATING TIP: Look in home decor catalogs for inspiration then add your own touch to make it unique.

With love,


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