The Guest Room Gets Wallpapered

We closed up shop around 11 last night.  I was covered in drywall mud and wallpaper glue!  This was our first attempt at wallpapering and we thought it would be fun to try it on the ceiling.  If you have never put wallpaper on the ceiling well let me tell you it is no easy task!

Funny story,  it was late and we had been working all day and our patience was running low.  The night before we tried to start wallpapering but the glue wasn’t strong enough so it kept falling.  Joel’s solution to getting the wallpaper to stay in the corner was to staple it.  I told him people have been wallpapering for years without stapling, we don’t need to staple it!  Then last night we had successfully put up two runs of paper and were attempting to hang our third but it wouldn’t stick, the glue was drying too fast.  Joel said just staple the corner.  I said in a very tense tone “what is up with you and stapling wallpaper?”  It was quiet for a few minutes then he busted out laughing.  In a very serious voice I asked why he was laughing.  So, here we were standing on five gallon buckets, holding a 130 inch long piece of wallpaper, covered in glue, over our heads and he is laughing.  He then quoted my comment about stapling wallpaper and said that was a hilarious statement.  Then we both start laughing harder.  I told him he reminded me of the dad who was obsessed with Windex from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just put a staple in it!  We looked at each other and agreed we were done for the day.

We are hoping to have the wallpaper finished and primer on the sheetrocked walls by the end of the day.  That means painting comes tomorrow!  Hopefully, the whole thing will be done by Monday!  Here are pictures of our progress

The texture technique we are doing is called skip trowel.  It looks like plaster once it is painted and is a great way to hide imperfections created by amateur “drywall hangers”.

We have five more runs of wallpaper to put up.

Here is the wallpaper up close and you can see the nasty texture we are covering.

Stay tuned for more!
With love,


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