Guest Room Inspiration

Good Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  This weekend was a juggling act for us and every minute of our time was scheduled except for last night so we spent our Sunday evening watching a movie, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn.  It was a nice ending to a very busy weekend.  Because we had so much going on this weekend I feel like we didn’t get very far on the guest room but I wanted to share because I am super excited about the progress we did make.  I have also been inspired and that is what I really want to share.

I have some very good news, the wallpaper is up and staying!!!
And I do have to say, it looks fabulous.

 The walls also got their first coat of paint, Ligonier Tan by Sherwin Williams.

With every stroke of the brush or roll of the roller we would look at each other and say, “Do you like it?” and the other would respond, “I think I like it.”  This is a color I wouldn’t typically pick, it has a lot of orange in it and I tend to choose yellows and greens.  But I was feeling adventurous and wanted to explore color.  I knew I wanted the room to feel warm and soft.  After it dried we decided we really like it.  As we were painting we were trying to describe the color to each other.  We said it looks like desert sand dunes, or fresh-baked bread, or canvas from a African safari tent.

 All these descriptors really motivated me to share with you the vision behind the room.  We usually get a vision for a room before we start tearing into it.  I think these visions of the finished space is what keeps us going.  Currently, the space is used as our guest room but one day it may be a nursery so we wanted to paint it a color that could be neutral enough for a boy or girl.

The things that inspired me for this room was this tent from the movie The Holiday.

I love how whimsical and romantic it is.

I was also inspired by the movie, Out Of Africa, one of the movies that ignited my dreams of Africa as a little girl.

I will decorate it with creams and golden hues and maybe a splash of red mixed with vintage and organic, rough elements.

  If the room is a nursery for a girl (disclaimer: I have to say this for all my girl family members and friends.  We are not pregnant… just dreaming)
I would want to use these colors, all by Sherwin Williams.

Creole Cottage

Cavern Clay



And these are the objects/images that inspire the look I would want.

Gala Apples

English Roses

dainty tea cups

and antique lace.

If it was a nursery for a boy these are the colors I would want to use.

Burnished Brandy

Cupola Yellow

San Antonio Sage

Oak Creek

And these are the objects/images that inspire me.

Nursery from Restoration Hardware

antique world maps

safari tents

and burlap.

Oh how I love to dream!

With love,


4 thoughts on “Guest Room Inspiration

  1. Just gorgeous! I wish I had inspirations for rooms… all I do is work around existing paint colors so we don’t have to repaint 🙂 I love to see what you do, it is fun to watch!
    Inquiring minds want to know- did you use any nails on the wallpaper? 🙂

    • Thank you Susan for reading and commenting, not painting sounds very appealing! We didn’t have to use any nails or staples to hold up the wallpaper, we did it the real way! I’m so proud. Take care.

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