Window Coverings and An Unwanted Guest

We are in the last few hours of the guest room remodel and I’m so ready to be done!  Joel’s allergies have really kicked up from all the dust in the air, the poor guy can’t breathe and I’m going to go crazy if I spend one more day inside my house.  I feel like I have been locked in my house, buried under dust for a month, only leaving for food and water.

It is definitely time for a change in routine.

I was describing these times to someone the other day and told them we mark the days by the meals we take.  Wake up, coffee and breakfast, work, lunch break, work, dinner break, work, shower, bed.  Repeat the next day.

Since the remodeling part is drawing to a close that means decorating is about to be in full swing and that is why I do all this hard work, just so I can have a pretty place to decorate.  Pretty silly!  The first thing that needs to go up is window coverings so I have been browsing blogs to find some inspiration and I found these.

Steampunk Home
I like how these look like a bustle on a Victorian dress.  I also like the painted window sash.

The Lettered Cottage

Savvy Housekeeping

Decor Pad

Cottage Living
These colors and style are what I would want for a little girl nursery.

Better Homes and Gardens

Which ones do you like?

I’m going to a sewing class tomorrow and I thought it would be good to make them then but I have to decide which ones to make! Can you help me decide?

I have a “I’ve never experienced that before, until now” story.
It was around 11:30 last night when we finally pulled the plug on our utility light and decided it was time for bed.  We showered up and were getting in bed when I remembered we needed to bring in our plants off the porch because it was going to freeze.  I grabbed a hanging plant and brought it inside and before I knew it something was flying around our living room.  Yep, I brought a bird into our house at midnight last night.  I think we were more freightened than the little guy.  It was flying everywhere, slamming into walls and the ceiling leaving small feathers stuck to every surface.  We grabbed blankets, towels, a fishing rod and even a colander in an attempt to swoosh it out the front door, but it kept taking refuge in our Christmas tree that I have yet to take down.  After shaking nearly all the ornaments out of the tree in an attempt to get it out it would fly into another part of the house but would not go out the front door.  At one point it was standing on the ground by the front door and we were praying that God would lead it out the door but it just looked at us and took off toward the ceiling.  I just wonder what people were thinking as they drove by and saw us running around our house waving blankets, a fishing rod and colander in the air.  We opened windows in every room and after an hour of trying to swoosh it, trap it, scare it, and poke it, it landed on our kitchen window sill and flew out the window. When we got back into bed we started cracking up saying that will go down in our book of greatest memories.

I think these past few weeks have been some of the funniest and fun times I have had with Joel! I’m so grateful for this life.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Window Coverings and An Unwanted Guest

  1. That bird story is hilarious! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one. And I love all the blinds inspiration… my favorite are the ones from savvy housekeeping. So elegant and chic.

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