The Guest Room Is Finished!!!

We did it! This is the fastest remodel in The Rescued Home’s history, 21 days!  Our goal was to finish in 5 days, I think we had some unrealistic goals but they sure did put some fire under our butts.  Now, I have to put our house back in order, it is absolutely filthy.   We finally took down our Christmas decorations.  Every time I looked at them and the layer of thick dust that covered them I was reminded that we were not yet finished with the remodel.  I experienced such freedom after we shoved the Christmas tree back into the attic.

I think we are going to take a break from projects for a while, we need rest.  Here are some highs and lows of the whole process. To see the beginning stages of the remodel click here (All of the posts are archived in Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2012).

High: See another space transformed
Low: See our whole house turned upside down in order to get there
High: Refining our home remodeling skills
Low: Not having every home remodeling skill
High: A beautifully wallpapered ceiling
Low: Must I say anything:) Click here to see our wallpaper post.
High: Making memories with Joel
Low: I don’t think there is a low for that
High: Laughing hysterically at midnight
Low: Having to spend an hour chasing a bird out of our house at midnight. Click here to see post.
High: Having a new space to decorate
Low: Not having any money to decorate because we spent it all on drywall, caulk, insulation, paint, wood and crown moulding

Ok, I’m going to stop talking and let you see for yourself.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into the room.  The bed will be on the wall on the left.

The entrance to the room is on the left.  The new closet is on the right.

The finished closet! New light and all.  After this picture was taken this space quickly filled up with Joel’s hobby stuff.
I guess he can have a closet too.

My finished craft closet.

This wall is going to be home for a row of theater seats we own and have yet to find a place for.

 These past four weeks have been so precious.  I have grown as a person in so many ways and will always remember this time in my life as the time God showed up in powerful and intimate ways.  Thank you for joining us on another one of our many adventures.  You are always welcome!

With love,


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