More Guest Room Reveal

Hi ya there!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Mine is going great, nothing too exciting.  We had a wonderful weekend that included celebrating our friends’ engagement, finding some new antique shops in the area and knocking out some sanding on the outside of our house.  We started working on the outside in October 2010 and we still have one side that needs work and we are hoping it will be done by the end of March.  I do want to share a picture with you.  On Saturday, we came in for a break, Joel sat down on one of our chairs and when he stood up this is what he left…

True artwork!

I have been chipping away at finishing out the guest room.  I’m working on a tight budget so it is taking me time to find all the pieces but I think it is coming together fabulously.  I bought an antique hand-woven rug on Saturday for $20! It needs to be scrubbed, I will share pictures once it’s cleaned.  I am still in the process of framing some art and making window coverings so I’m only going to share part of the room with you today.

I also wanted to share a little bit of what Rescued Home Interior offers.  Part of what I love doing is faux finishing.  I love to take a piece of furniture and through paint give it a new look or take a builder grade cabinet and make it look like custom cabinetry.  I applied a finish to this builder grade cabinet and transformed it from a light honey color to dark walnut.

You can click here to see all the services Rescued Home Interiors offers.  If you have builder grade cabinets or a piece of furniture that needs a transformation, send me a message,
I would love to help you get a new look for the fraction of the cost of installing new cabinets or buying a new piece of furniture.

Ok, now for the guest room.

Here is a picture I snapped before I re-finished the bed and side table that were both painted flat black.

Here is the after.

I painted the headboard in Beeswax by Sherwin Williams and distressed it.

I painted the side table to look like wood.

This picture was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law.  I saw it at Goodwill but walked away from it because it was $12.  Goes to show how I only settle for a deeeep bargain!  $10 is usually my limit for a single item.  Joel told her I wanted it so she went back and got it for me.
I was so excited when I opened it!

The frame needed some help but it was nothing I couldn’t fix.

I found this chenille blanket at Wimberley Market Days for $10 and the pillow shams for $5 at a thrift store.

I bought this easel from an estate sale for $5 and the print “Dancers At Rest” from Goodwill for $7.


I will post pictures of the rest of the space as it comes together.

I also want to thank all my readers and all of you who are so encouraging through your comments.  I love sharing this journey with you.

With love,


6 thoughts on “More Guest Room Reveal

  1. beautifully done…wish I had an eye for cool pieces the way you do. I love your bargain shopping too! Don’t you just love the story behind each piece you put in the room? It is so much more interesting than ” I got it at Marshalls….”

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