A New Look and The Life Of A Home Remodeler and Decorator

Did you notice anything new?  The Rescued Home blog got a new look!  I even figured out how to get a picture of me on the home page.  I have wanted something new for a while but haven’t taken much time to work on it.  It kind of frustrates me, I’m definitely not web savvy and I would much rather be painting or rearranging something.  So when I’m in a good mood I search through tutorials on WordPress and try to figure it all out.

I started writing about our home last April after realizing people wanted to hear about this hilarious journey we are on, learning how to be home remodelers.  I have wrestled with what kind of blog I want to write.  For a while I wanted it to be a DIY blog and wanted to grow it really big and be known for my blog.  I would stress out when I hadn’t written in a few days and feel like I was failing at writing a blog.  But then I realized I would much rather do the DIY project instead of tell others how to do it.  So I settled on the realization that my blog will be a place to share life as a home remodeler and interior decorator.  And along the way I may share DIY tips and some life lessons God is teaching me.  It fits me.  I can rest in that, instead of beat myself up by trying to be like all those other great DIY blogs out there.  And let me say there are some women out there that write some amazing blogs. I tip my hat to them and am so inspired by their creativity.

What does the life of a home remodeler and interior decorator like?  Well, for the past three years we have lived our lives looking to the next project, planning for it, saving for it, and searching the internet and magazines for ideas.  We drive to small towns and look at the architecture on old houses and buildings.  We often laugh at ourselves and say its amazing we have any friends our own age because we act like we’re 50!  We are intentional in how we spend our money since we have paid cash for everything.  We are always changing our minds on what we want and often ask ourselves if we are crazy.   Most of the time our house is covered in a thin layer of dust.  Our laundry room is where we store over 4o buckets of paint and our power tools.  Our garage is full of saw dust and building supplies.  There is always some sort of project going on whether it is a house project or something I’m working on for a customer.  We are always looking for inspiration.   As a couple our communication has been sharpened and refined as we have learned our own limits and each other’s.  We dream big together.  We believe anything is possible.  We look at a project and with great confidence say “we can do that!”  We love every minute of it, even when we think we don’t.  It has become part of us, it is part of our love story.

I was looking through old pictures of the journey and wanted to share them.

Our families have been an amazing source of encouragement.

We have done hilarious things like planting trees in the middle of a drought

and refinishing our front door in the office because it was too hot outside and one of the few places in our house with A/C.

We have broken a few windows

and have had to overcome any fear of heights or small spaces. Well, Joel has, we are still working on me!

We have left love notes in and all over the walls.

I have learned how to use power tools!

We have even had snow.

We spend a lot of time covered in dirt and grime.

Our weekends and vacation time are filled with painting

and great contentment once a project is completed.

It is a crazy life!

With love,


One thought on “A New Look and The Life Of A Home Remodeler and Decorator

  1. Message from Dave to Joel: You’re ticking me off making me look bad.

    From Julie: I love it all! Wish we had your energy and focus.

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