Spring Sprucing

Things have slowed down quite a bit around here.  Spring Break is in full swing and all the students in town have cleared out.  I haven’t left the house since Sunday and I think I’m about to go crazy! I’ve been covered in paint and stain trying to finish up a project I’ve been working on for a customer.  I will post pics once I’m finished.

We fixed our clocks by springing forward on Sunday, which has completely thrown off my internal clock.  The arrival of Spring has inspired me to spruce up mi casa.  My mom bought me a subscription to Country Living as one of my Christmas gifts and my first copy finally came in the mail this week. When I saw the cover I knew I wanted to recreate it in my house.

I love potting tables and if I had a garden or any kind of yard with plants:)
I would have to have a real potting table.  I found these amazing ones online.

I love ’em! I love how organic and earthy they are. I would feel like a real gardener if I had one.
Here is my version in my dining room.


What do you think? Happy Spring Break everyone!

With love,


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