Home Improving

Hi everyone! Wow its been a while since I last wrote, I miss it.  Everyday for the past week I intended to sit down and share something with you but my to-do list seemed to roll over day after day and writing was put on hold.  I am super excited to share with you what we have done around here.  This post today is a post about patience.  Patience doesn’t come naturally to me!  But I see when I am patient good things come my way.

Decorating our Rescued Home on a thrift store budget has produced deep wells of patience in me!  We remodeled our dark, dingy living room almost 2 years ago and it is just now really coming together.  A lot of the room is anchored around a hunter green leather couch we bought from Craigslist for $75.  It is exactly the style we wanted but not the color we would have chosen.  I haven’t liked the green against our yellow walls, the space had a lemon, lime feel to it!   Since a new couch is not an option I have had to make it work.  I taught myself how to do upholstery and make pillows so I upholstered a few thrift store/Craigslist chairs and made some pillows for our couch with fabric I bought on clearance.  I like it but there was something about the light colors in the fabric that didn’t work with the couch.   We also have an 11 foot wall behind our couch and we have had the hardest time trying to figure out what to put up there.  Originally, I wanted large artwork, like antique oil paintings, but had to resolve to the reality that we couldn’t afford large antique oil paintings so we bought an amazing metal art piece from the Pottery Barn outlet.  I love it but the couch still felt disjointed.  Then a few weeks I ago it clicked, after 2 years of living in the space, rearranging furniture, hanging artwork, taking down artwork and patiently wrestling with what was needed to make the space feel connected and cozy I realized I needed darker pillows and large artwork on my walls.  I was fighting the color of the couch instead of finding colors that worked with it. Then the pieces started falling into place.   I bought new fabric for the pillows, bought a piece from Goodwill that I
re-framed (with a frame I already had) and re-matted, framed (with a frame I bought for a $1 at an estate sale) and matted a piece I have had for 10 years, moved some pieces from other parts of the house and tada it finally feels like the space I dreamed of.

Ok that was a long-winded explanation. Sorry! Here it is, our improved living room.

This is what the space looked like right after we moved in.

Here it is after we remodeled and the slow process of filling the space had begun.

Here it is today!

I’m sure the space will continue to evolve!
Stay tuned for my next post about other improvements we’ve made around The Rescued Home.

With love,


3 thoughts on “Home Improving

  1. your house is so elegant and cozy and fresh, really nice Lauren 🙂 i like the iron tree in the corner. Also u have advertisement now! hehe
    love ya

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