Tea-dying Tutorial

We had a good weekend here at The Rescued Home. I was able to work in our new flowerbeds a little more.  I told Joel I feel like I have discovered a whole new part of our house that I can “decorate.”  I have been rearranging the plants how I rearrange the interior.  I will plant a plant, look at it for a few days then dig it up and replant it somewhere else and I will keep moving it until I find the perfect spot for it.  Ahh I love it, it is therapy for me!  I love getting my hands dirty.  I love mud under my nails.

Today I’m going to share a tutorial with you.  Tea-dying is something that I do with almost all the white fabric I have in my house.
I recently tea- dyed the curtains in my guest room and love how they turned out.

 I don’t like stark white or grey-whites in my house.  I like the whites in my house to have a little grunge to them.  I like warm whites or candlelight whites or whites with a brown undertone rather than grey.  To accomplish an aged white look I tea-dye my fabric.  It is super easy and free if you have tea bags in your pantry!

You will need:
3-5 tea bags
a kettle or small pot
a large pot

1. Heat water in a kettle or small pot.

2. Put the tea bags in your large pot.

3. Pour boiling water over tea bags in large pot. CAUTION: Do not burn yourself with hot water!

4. Let the tea steep for 20 minutes.
5. Pour in a kettle full of cold water.
6. Immerse your fabric in the tea.

7. Once your fabric is in the tea push the fabric all the way under the liquid, moving it around to make sure all of it is wet.

8. Let sit.  The darker you want it the longer you should let it sit.  I usually let mine sit for about an hour.
Every 15 minutes I will check the color and move it around to make sure all of the fabric is staying wet.

9. Once it is the color you want, lightly rinse it and hang to dry.  If  it is not as dark as you like, let it dry completely then repeat the dying process to darken.

If you want to iron the fabric make sure it is not set on steam or it will leave water spots.

Here is the finished product.  I especially love this look on these ruffle pillows.  It looks like an antique baby dress.

With love,


9 thoughts on “Tea-dying Tutorial

  1. Will this work for an area rug? I have two bight spots in the cream colored rug that I want to disappear. I was thinking about trying it on the spots one perhaps the whole rug.

    • You could try it! I’ve never tried it on a rug. If the rug gets a lot of traffic I would probably use a fabric dye like Rit. You can get it at HEB or Hobby Lobby. But if you want to take a risk I say TRY IT! Let us know how it turns out.

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  3. Thanks for the tutorial, I can’t wait to try. I have 2 questions…. I have a King size duvet I’d like to change up but don’t think it will fit in a pot, would you use a bucket, the tub or have another suggestion? Also, once dyed, can you wash it as usual?

    • Hi Katie
      I just saw this comment! I’m sure you have already tried your hand at tea dying! I think a larger container would work. I’m pretty sure if you washed the duvet it would fade but then you could always re-dye it. Good luck!

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