One Year Anniversary

April 17th marked the one year anniversary of The Rescued Home blog.  I have so enjoyed sharing my passion for home remodeling and decorating with all of you.  The first time I was ever exposed to a blog was Christmas 2010.  My sister-in-law, Misty showed me a tutorial by Emily from Jones Design Company.  My world was rocked as I scrolled through all her pretty pictures and tutorials.  I was so inspired to start creating!  Then a few months later I stumbled onto Marion Parson’s blog, Miss Mustard Seed and I was wrecked!  She was the first woman I had ever seen making a living doing the things I pursued as a hobby.  For the first time in my life I thought just maybe there was a small chance I could make a living doing what I really loved.  These new possibilities were met with great resistance as I wrestled with disappointment from previous failed dreams.  I longed to be free to be me.  I felt like a butterfly that had stayed in its cocoon one season too long.  I believed the lie that everyone around me had learned to fly and my chance had passed.  As I brought my frustrations to Jesus and let Him show me who he created me to be, I came alive!  I felt so beautiful.  My whole perspective changed and I looked at days to come with great hope.  In April 2011, I wrote my first blog post and really loved sharing mine and Joel’s home remodeling experience with our friends and family.  Then in May, before we left for Northern Africa, we decided I would leave teaching and take a huge step of faith, to pursue my dream as an interior decorator.  I launched Rescued Home Interiors and  I feel like I have been soaring ever since.  This past year has been marked with amazing memories and is the best yet!  I am so excited to see the good things in store for me.  If I could describe exactly how I feel right now I would say I’m completely at rest and am so confident that I am loved beyond what my heart and mind can comprehend.  We  leave for Eastern Europe in less than three weeks and I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning.  So I will spend the next few weeks wrapping up projects and packing.
Life is good!

Some of you may be reading this and be in the same place I was.  You may feel stuck.  You may feel your situation is hopeless.  You may be thinking you will never see your dreams come to pass.  I encourage you to press on, don’t give up.  Take your dreams to God, he is faithful.

With love,


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