What We’ve Been Up To

We have had a great past few days.  We spent dinner Friday night at one of our good friends’ house, out on their amazing deck.  This Spring has been so awesome here in Texas, the wildflowers are amazing and the nights have stayed cool which has allowed for many outdoor dinners.  A huge contrast to last year’s Spring that was dry, hot and brown.  Saturday we headed to Fredericksburg with my parents to enjoy the Hill Country Wine & Music Festival at the Wildseed Farm.

The wine makers seemed to have found a solution for the drought problem in Texas!

Our family is definitely not  wine connoisseurs but it was fun to act like one even if it was just for a day!  The thing I enjoyed the most was all the wildflowers.  The Wildseed Farm has rows and rows of flowers in bloom.  They reminded me of something you would see in Holland.  I snapped a few pictures to share with all of you.

Then on Monday we had the last dinner of the semester with the student group that meets in our house.  We decided to take dinner outside.  It was a magical night.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

With love,


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