My Favorite Spot

There are only five days until we leave for Eastern Europe!  I should be packing and getting our house ready for the house sitters but instead I’ve been decorating!  Are you surprised? My favorite spot in our house to decorate and photograph is the buffet in our dining room.  I actually never really use it as a serving buffet because it always has my latest creation on it.
Up until this afternoon it looked like a potting table.

Here is what it looks like now.

I added whites and creams to give it a summery feel.

When I decorate I love to pull items from all over my house.  The small tea-pot I bought in Northern Africa last summer and usually sits on a shelf in my kitchen.  The books are from the office.
I also love things with imperfections like the chip on the pitcher or the scratched up clock face.

We have a neighborhood flock of Guinea Fowl.  If you don’t know what a Guinea Fowl is, this is a Guinea Fowl.

  They are hilarious to watch.  They remind me of old, busy-body ladies walking to church.  What I love about them are their white polka-dotted feathers they leave lying around our neighborhood.  Often, when I’m out on a walk I come home with a handful of feathers and as a result they get integrated into my home decor!

Here I tied a few books together with an old strip of leather and stuck two Guinea Fowl feathers in the knot.

Now my life isn’t all play and no work but the great thing about my job is I can take a break from work and play around my house.  I’m discovering that I get bored easily so it is very healthy for me to take decorating breaks:)  I recently finished a coffee table for a customer.  Here is what it originally looked like.

You can see my kitchen is my work shop!

The customer wanted the table to have a more spanish hacienda style so this is what I did.

I covered the top in a camel colored faux leather, added large nail heads and stained the base in a dark walnut.

I absolutely love how it turned out!

Ok off to bed so I can start my packing tomorrow!

With love,


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