Γειά σου (Yassou) or hello!  It has rained nearly everyday since we have been in Eastern Europe.  It is so refreshing!  A cold front swept across all of Europe the day we got in which has kept the temperatures down.  According to locals it is usually pretty hot here during this time of year.  I have seen so many amazingly decorated cafes that I want to show all of you.  I’m going to take a day to be a total tourist and go around the city snapping pictures of my favorite places.

On Monday Joel and I took a four-hour bus ride north into Skopje, Macedonia to meet up with a few of the people we are traveling with.  The ride was beautiful! Macedonia is an undiscovered treasure.  It is covered in green mountains with foothills full of vineyards, rivers and wild poppies growing everywhere.

The population in Macedonia is around 2 million and 50% of the population lives in Skopje.  Skopje is the birthplace of Mother Theresa. The people of Skopje were so friendly and welcoming.  The area where we stayed was the new part of town where the government is putting up monuments and building extravagant buildings to build up the tourist industry.  It was quite a site to see.

Dividing the city is a river and on the other side is considered old town where it is heavily populated by Albanians and Roma Gypsys.  Our friends staying there have made friends with many of the gypsy children who hang out in the city.

They were so precious!

Old town is filled with small winding streets lined with shops and cafes.

Then on Thursday we woke up at 4:30am, 9:30 pm on Wednesday, Texas time, to catch our bus back.  Since we have returned I really feel settled in and at home in Thessaloniki. Last night we found a mexican food restaurant called El Burrito where they surprisingly had amazing mexican food.  It was so comforting to eat tortilla chips! Hope everyone back home is doing well.  I miss all of you and love ya!

With love,


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