Ahh Home and Future Plans

Big inhale now exhale….we are home.  I love home!  I am so grateful for our little Rescued Home.   After a month of living in Greece we are back home and trying to get over jet lag.  I have pretty much been in bed since Thursday!  My schedule is all off and I’m not quite sure what to do with my time.  It is weird transitioning back into a normal life with routine it kind of feels like I’m standing on the edge of a pool waiting to jump in. Ooo pool….. maybe I will go swimming today???  I think I’m avoiding responsibility!

Greece was definitely life changing.  I have never before experienced a culture or people like the Greeks.  In our month of living there we saw some beautiful places and made new life long friendships.  I will always remember the amazing things I saw God do during our time in Greece.  Here are the last few pictures I want to share with you.

The churches were beautiful! A lot of the old churches sit below the current ground level because the city over time has been built on top of existing structures.

This is the ruins of a roman market place where the apostle Paul preached!

This area of the city is called Aristoteles Square.  It was my favorite place to hang out.

After weeks in the city we decided we needed to get away for a couple of nights so we headed out on a 3 hour bus ride then a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to the island of Thassos.

The island was beautiful! The mountains went right down into the sea.  This is the view from our patio.

The rock had sparkles in it so the sand sparkled in the sun.


Just because I was in Greece didn’t mean I was free from dumpster diving! Yep that’s right, I found some architectural blue prints next to a dumpster and you better believe I brought those puppies home with me!

Hey have you checked out my blog?

So we had a pretty big game changer around here, before we left for Greece we found out we are going to have our first baby in January!  I am so excited and can’t wait for motherhood.  I fought morning sickness the whole time we were gone.  I think I will one day look back on this time and ask myself, “what was I thinking?”  Now we are making decisions that will involve a little one.  As soon as we got back we went into our newly remodeled guest room and started coming up with plans to make it a nursery.  Oh it is soo much fun! I wrote a post a few months ago about ideas for a nursery you can read that here.  I think I will stick with those plans depending if it is a boy or girl.  We know we will have to slow down on the pace of our projects which kind of bums me out but I think we are going to try to remodel our bedroom before the baby arrives.  I have been poking around online and found a few inspirations for our bedroom.

I saw this picture in a Country Living magazine a few months ago and knew this is what I want my bedroom to look like.

We will rip off all the sheet rock and paint the ship lap underneath a creamy white.

I love the vintage touches in this picture.

I hope you enjoyed keeping up with our little adventure in Greece.  I’m looking forward to sharing the next chapter in our lives with all of you.

With love,


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